Method & Madness Technology raised $2 million.

Method & Madness Technology, a tech-enabled real estate buying platform, has raised $2 million in seed funding led by Tinder founder Justin Mateen and other unidentified Silicon Valley-based investors. The business rates the funding at $12 million, it said.

The real estate start-up, founded by former co-founder Aditya Jhaveri of Satellite Builders, aims to construct an inventory of homes directly from developers in the region. It is also developing an offline infrastructure that is completely incorporated online.

“Our mission is to advance the real estate industry and question the old, inefficient processes of home buying. This fundraising will allow us to develop an end-to-end digital platform.” Jhaveri said.

The platform will allow buyers to search directly listed by developers via checked inventory, compare properties, and schedule site visits with sales experts. The platform will also assist clients with numerous other processes after home selection, including developer documents, stamp duty payments, home loan assistance, and property registration, among others.