Microsoft Buys Conversational AI Startup: Semantic Machines

Microsoft Buys Semantic Machines

Microsoft have bought Semantic Machines – a conversational AI startup. In its announcement Monday, Microsoft did not disclose any financial details of the acquisition. This acquisition will add up a great value to Microsoft’s portfolio.

Samantic Machines

Berkeley, California-based Semantic’s approach to AI is using machine learning to add context to conversations with chatbots. This means taking information received by AI and applying it to future dialogue.

The firm’s speech recognition team previously led automatic speech recognition development for Apple’s personal assistant Siri. Conversational AI interfaces will soon enable people to communicate naturally with computers for the first time. This historic innovation will unleash a wave of changes to search, e-commerce, social networks, productivity software, and devices. Semantic Machines is developing the fundamental AI technology needed to make conversational computing a reality.

Semantic Machines is made up of a team of proven researchers, engineers and entrepreneurs with extensive track records in AI development. Our team has unique experience, building core AI technology for Siri and Google Now as well as leading award-winning academic research. Collectively, we have made pioneering contributions to natural language processing, speech recognition, speech synthesis, deep learning, semantic understanding, machine learning and linguistics. Semantic Machines has offices in Berkeley, California and Boston, Massachusetts.

Conversational AI interfaces are set to drive a sweeping redesign of the Internet. This profound change will impact how people search, how customers interact with businesses, and how we use devices. Conversational AI interfaces hold the power to make us more efficient, creative, social, and productive.