How Nipun Parikh converted a surprise proposal into a 30 Lakh Rupees Startup!

How Nipun Parikh converted a surprise proposal into a 30 Lakh Rupees Startup!

The story of a gifting startup!

Finding a gift with unique concepts is a tough job to do. Choosing a specialized gift which is branded as well as affordable, is difficult. We spend hours thinking about what is suitable and what will look good. But now it’s easy!

Here is the story of how a Facebook chat led to a business idea.

Nipun A. Parikh, an engineer, is the founder of InstaMosaicStudio. His focus was always doing his own business and with the ‘startup’ word being the talk of the town, he was naturally hooked to it. At first, he attended startup events and worked in his city’s startup community while working on RemoteWaves. His first startup was about providing tech support online. He gave it a few months, but it never worked.

An anonymous request

On 2nd January 2017, he received a friend request from a girl on Facebook. It showed a lot of mutual friends, mostly his schoolmates and he accepted thinking it must be someone from his school.

Little did he know that she was the person who was going to change his life and start an exciting entrepreneurial journey in his life. Numbers were exchanged and they started chatting and decided to meet in a few days.

The idea of creating a mosaic poster from the photos

Meanwhile, one of his friends visited him while he was working on RemoteWaves. His friend showed him an image that resembled a mosaic, a picture made up of multiple smaller pictures. His friend requested it if he could make something like it. He gave it a try and used his image editing skills and made the very first mosaic. His friend loved it. He was going to meet her in a few days and still, he had no idea what he would gift her, obviously, he was going to impress her, he wasn’t going empty-handed. Then came the idea of creating a mosaic poster from the photos he received from her.

I gathered her photos from WhatsApp, Facebook & Instagram, used some tools, formulated a better method of making a photo mosaic and I made a beautiful mosaic from her photo. That was the very first true mosaic I made, and the first one of the thousands I was going to make.

says Nipun

The meeting happened!

12th January 2017, the day came. They met and he surprised her with the mosaic poster, and she burst into tears of joy on seeing her gorgeous mosaic. Hundreds of pictures of her were in it. This was the first time she received a gift like it. The surprise was well received. He was still working on RemoteWaves but it wasn’t going anywhere. Meanwhile, he shared how he surprised her to two of his very good friends. Valentine’s day was coming soon, and they thought of providing Personalized Mosaic Posters in their city, Surat.

A small success

InstaMosaicStudio was thus born. A quick Instagram profile, a logo and a few shoutouts on Instagram about the Personalized Mosaic Poster were all it took to get their first orders. It worked. People were loving it and they delivered the orders themselves. They managed to get more than 10 orders until valentine’s day. Sadly, the other two friends left due to some differences in ideas and Nipun was alone. He continued working on it and delivered more mosaic posters himself.

After that, it was a long but steady journey, rewarding & frustrating too. He dropped RemoteWaves and started working on InstaMosaicStudio full time. He got it registered and got a new logo and packaging designed for the Personalized Mosaic Poster. At that time, he relied primarily on Instagram shoutouts. It worked well for him and he was growing at a good pace. He made a website soon and it was later updated to receive orders online.

Soon, an office was rented and he had a good stock of branded packaging material too. He hired his first employee and things started to improve soon as they were able to handle customer queries better. From a revenue of 4.5 lakhs in the first year, they grew to 14 lakhs in 2018 with growing demand and excellent feedback. They started taking international orders and delivered to the USA and other countries soon.

The feedback

The thing which keeps them going is the feedback and experiences which customers share. They have been a part of thousands of birthdays and anniversaries. Videos and pictures of people bursting into tears of joy on seeing hundreds of their photos together in their Personalized Mosaic Posters push them every day and they strive to be a part of thousands of such celebrations.

Experiences shared by our customers, Instagram and TikTok videos of them celebrating, popping balloons to reveal the mosaic poster, videos of gifts given to celebrities is a viral social proof and is our main USP.

says Nipun

What does InstaMosaicStudio do?

InstaMosaicStudio is a startup that sells unique personalized gifts on its website across India and abroad. Their bestselling product is the Personalized Mosaic Poster which shows multiple pictures of a person made up of a single picture. It also sells other gifts with unique concepts like Jab We Met Frame which shows the moment where a couple met for the first time.

We have received orders from the USA, UK, Canada, and other countries too. Our main customer base is in South India with Hyderabad, Bengaluru & Chennai contributing to a large volume of our sales along with Mumbai, Delhi & Kolkata. Ratio of Tier 1 to Tier 2 & 3 cities is 50:50. We have sold to hundreds of tier 2 and tier 3 cities across India in almost all Indian states.

says Nipun

InstaMosaicStudio now generates revenue of 25-30 lakhs annually with increasing demand.

Things that have helped us improve our sales are customer feedback, WhatsApp catalogs and sponsored ads on Instagram and Facebook. Digital marketing strategy is a very important part for us, and we have learned a lot in these 3 years of advertising online. We have been able to significantly reduce our customer acquisition costs with fine tuned ad campaigns

says Nipun

The gift industry in India is a multibillion-dollar industry with high growth rates due to increasing e-commerce reach and search for unique gift items.

The road ahead

We are planning to increase our team size and invest on our website and introduce an application to make ordering easy for our customers. This will enable us to reach more customers and achieve high growth levels.

says Nipun

So this is how a surprise proposal turned into a booming business.

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