NWNT funding: raises fund in pre-series A round


A mental health Delhi based startup “No Worries No Tension” Healthcare raises an undisclosed amount from Amit Burman of Dabur India in its Pre-Series A round of funding.

Amit Burman said in the statement, “I see a great potential in the congruence of technology and mental wellness. NWNT is the future of mental wellness and its social innovation can potentially cause a disruption in an industry that’s craving for uplift.”

Founder of NWNT, Dr. Sandeepa Vohra says he has always found emotional wellness to be at the bottom of priority for everyone whether it is an individual, an organization, a corporate, school, hospital, college, university, etc, “which I really find absurd as we all know that happiness is all about the healthy emotional state of mind and so I do not understand how we can pursue our goal of happiness in life without focussing on our emotional health”.

NWNT was established by Delhi based psychiatrist Sandeep Vohra in 2011. It aims for forming one platform for solutions of mental, emotional, and behavioral problems. It works on software for counseling and consultation assessment which is easy to use from one’s home as well. Its motto is to “Destress the Planet”. It has different plans for Individuals, Students, Corporates, and employees. It has a wide team of well-experienced psychologists. They follow a three-step model which includes first assess your condition with the help of their analyzing tool, then accordingly consult with onboard consultants which finally helps you to cure.

Founder and CEO of StartupLanes, Shishir Gupta says changing lifestyle and workload impacts our mental health. Earlier we never consider stress, emotional, and behavioral breakdowns seriously. But now people started talking about these issues. They don’t hesitate to discuss it. Today we have different platforms to analyze these issues, to express our feelings. We have plenty of information. We must use them efficiently. Sandeep Vohra and the team are really doing a commendable job. I guess they have critically understands the situation and working on some real-life solutions to help people. Congratulation to “No Worries No tension” Healthcare.

According to the WHO, mental illness makes about 15% of the total disease conditions around the world. WHO has labeled India as the world’s ‘most depressing country’. From 1990 to 2017, 1 in 7 people from India’s population suffered from mental illness like depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, etc.