On Independence Day, Ola Electric unveils a new car: 500 km range, 0 to 100 km/h in 4 seconds

Ola Electric has launched their long-awaited electric automobile, but nothing is known about it. Founder and CEO Bhavish Aggarwal declared that during company live stream on the celebration of India’s 75th Independence Day that the firm will introduce a 500-kilometer-range car that would be the “sportiest car created in India.” The car will be launched in 2024.

“We desire a car that represents the new India.” A bold India that believes in crafting its own destiny. Our vehicle will be one of the quickest in India. It will go from 0 to 100 in 4 seconds and have a range of more than 500 kilometres per charge. It will be the most sporty automobile ever manufactured in India, with an all-glass top, Move OS, and assisted driving capabilities on par with any other car on the market. “It will be keyless and handleless,” stated Aggarwal during the car’s announcement broadcast.

While not much is revealed about the vehicle, two critical specifications have been revealed: a range of more than 500 kilometres and the ability to accelerate from zero to 100 kilometres per hour in four seconds. In comparison, Tata’s Nexon EV boasts a range of 437 kilometres. Tata’s electric vehicle accelerates from zero to 100 kilometres per hour in 9.4 seconds.

While this makes the new Ola Electric car seem amazing, keep in mind that the Tata Nexon is a small SUV, and Ola has yet to disclose the form factor of its new car. Aggarwal teased a hatchback in a teaser photograph posted in July of this year. However, the silhouette of the car portrayed in the Ola Electric video appears to be a sedan with something like a fastback roof. Furthermore, by 2024, similar statistics may be standard for other Indian electric vehicles.

In addition, Aggarwal stated that the vehicle will have an all-glass top, keyless entry, and a “handleless design.” While we don’t know what “handleless design” means, it might be a reference to the retracting-style handle that has been popular in many modern cars, like the Tesla Model S.

The new vehicle will be built at Ola’s future facility in Tamil Nadu, which will be enlarged to accommodate new production capabilities. Ola claims that, in addition to the vehicle and scooter, it would produce its own indigenously created electric cells at the same site. During the broadcast, the company also ‘relaunched’ its base-model S1 scooter.

Ola Electric seems to be an intriguing startup with inspiring development on motor vehicle manufacturing platform. This startup would continue to prosper in the future. Wishing this startup good luck in all its future endeavors.

Shishir Gupta, Founder and CEO, StartupLanes

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