One-stop solution for all your graphic designing needs

Are you looking to make a career in Graphic Design? Are you looking to improve your skills and make a living out of them?

47 Creations is a one-stop platform for all your graphic designing needs. It provides top talent to help startups and fast-moving design companies scale their creative work.

In an exclusive interview with StartupLanes, Kumar Jyanav talks about his journey and experiences as an entrepreneur. He is one of the Co-Founders of 47 Creations and Tribe X 47 and handles the executive front of the company. He has been in the graphic design domain for 3-4 years and aims to create a one-stop platform for all the designing needs and build a legacy that empowers the section of the market that is most underrated.

Read on to know what he has to say.

Q1. How did you come up with the idea of your startup?

Kumar: The chief idea of the startup was to create a portal, a one-stop platform that provides solutions to all your graphic design needs. So, we came up with the idea of 47 Creations to not only solve design problems, but also designer’s problems.

Q2. What was the most difficult part in the early stages of the company’s growth?

Kumar: The biggest challenge as young entrepreneurs is to familiarize ourselves with the entire process of incorporation, structuring the organization, hiring process, and creating a work culture.

Q3. What was the gap in the market that you identified?

Kumar: We realized there was a lack of skilled graphic designers in the industry. And by skilled I’m not just referring to designing skills but also other important skillsets like team management, project management, communications skills, presenting yourself, and other soft skills.

Q4. Can you explain your business model?

Kumar: In 47 Creations we essentially work on 3 branches:

It stands for Income Share Agreement. Here any designer who enrolls in our program will receive enterprise-level training for 2-3 months. We will also be looking into hiring. So, when any designer gets placed, the designer will pay us a certain percentage of his salary for 12 months.

This is where the B2B & B2C model comes.

Tribe X 47:
This is our very own e-commerce marketplace for content creators, where they can build their own brand of merchandise.

Q5. Did your family/friends help you with funding your startup or did you approach investors?

Kumar: We didn’t seek any external support during our initial phase and were completely bootstrapped. But currently, we are actively looking for investors for our future growth plans.

Q6. Which factors do you see impacting your business over the coming years?

Kumar: Graphic design is ever-growing and everchanging. Several factors can impact the industry like a rise in skilled designers and people changing their perception of the profession, AI in designer tools and interactive designers, and increasing remote work trends.

Q7. Are you planning to hire fresh talent into your team as the company grows? What qualities do you look for while hiring?

Kumar: Yes, I’m always keen to work with creative minds and people with an attitude to achieve something great. We follow a very important concept while hiring, that is OQP(Only Quality People).

Q8. What according to you are the personality traits of a good leader?

Kumar: I believe a good leader should be empathetic and should understand the issues from the ground level. S/He must be able to convey his/her ideas to the team. And most importantly, a leader must be a visionary.

Q9. What is the best and the worst part of being a CEO?

Kumar: I don’t think there’s any bad part of being a CEO. I love doing my job and have a wonderful team to credit.

Q10. Describe a time you had to make a tough decision. What did you do and what was the result?

Kumar: One of the tough decisions that we had to make was with Tribe X 47. We had just started off the initiative and were hit with the second wave of COVID-19. We had to decide whether to hold the project or come up with an alternative. So, we decided to conduct workshop sessions. Our USP is to help budding artists develop their own artistic styles.

Q11. Are you looking for any vendors to help you simplify any part of your business?

Kumar: We are currently working with a lot of vendors, providing them with a variety of design solutions. And as we scale up, we will need help in various management and technical domains.

Q12. What are the recent and long-term plans of your startup?

Kumar: Our recent plan is to focus on being consistent with all our existing projects. And in the long run, we’re targeting calculated expansion, effective engagement with organizations and individuals, and developing exciting and creative initiatives.

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