Online Terms Of Use

Online Terms Of Use

Does your businesses have an online presence? If yes, then you must include certain details in order to abide by the Electronic Commerce Regulations, such as full company details. Online terms of use are the best place to include such information.

What are Online Terms Of Use?

Online terms of use, also known as website terms and conditions or terms of service, or Disclaimer when addressing website usage. It governs the use of a website by visitors. An Online Terms Of Use is a set of regulations that users must agree to follow in order to use a service.

Why we need Online Terms Of Use?

Online Terms Of Use helps your users to understand the limitations of how they can use your website content, including text, images, videos, and music. Reasons behind including Online Terms Of Use are

  1. Prevent Abuses
  2. Own Your Content
  3. Terminate Accounts
  4. Limit Liability
  5. Set The Governing Law

What do generally Online Terms Of Use contain?

  • Details of website owner/company including contact options
  • Any permitted uses of website content
  • Registration requirements, including password and other security measures
  • To use the website if we need any necessary fees
  • If your website allows user comments or enables any forms of user-generated content, it’s important to request that users do not post anything illegal or which could be considered defamatory or abusive
  • Website availability
  • VAT registration details (if applicable)
  • Reference to any privacy or cookies policies, preferably together with links.

How to implement Online Terms Of Use?

A link to online terms of use should be visible from every page on your site. If your online terms of use are visible to your website visitors, then you can consider that your website is implemented effectively. You can ask users to accept the website terms in order to gain access to certain functionality.