Paytm announces Rs 10 crore fund for mini-app developers from India

Targeting the dominance of Google in India’s app distribution room, leading Paytm digital payments platform on Thursday said it is setting up a Rs 10 crore fund as equity investments for the country’s mini app developers.

The step announced at a conference for developers of mini-apps comes after Paytm launched an Android Mini App Store to support local developers earlier this week.

Paytm reported that its interest in becoming part of the Paytm Mini App program was expressed by over 5,000 developers from across the world.

We are committed to building a technology ecosystem that supports Indian developers ‘innovations. We are not just backend developers, Indian developers can create the best apps in the world,”We are committed to developing a technology ecosystem that champions the innovations of Indian developers. We are not just backend developers, India developers can build the best apps in the world,”

“Today, we are announcing a Rs 10 crore investment fund for Mini App developers in the country.”

The Paytm Android Mini App Store lists and distributes custom mobile web applications based on open source technologies such as HTML and Javascript, providing users with an app-like experience.