Pitch Deck Bundle

You need the following documents for raising funds from the Angel Investors or Venture Capitalists:

  1. Pitch Deck: A presentation having 12 to 15 slides to quickly depict the key information about your startup to the investors. Read here for details: Pitch Deck
  2. Financial Projections: Investors wants to know how will you utilize the funds received and how will the funding lead to increase in the valuation of your company in future. This document is prepared by Financial Experts after the analysis of the past data. This document depicts the exact amount of funding needed by your company and the important data points like burn rate and run rate. This is a necessary document that is required to raise funds.
  3. Valuation: You have to find out the worth of your company before you approach the investors as it is necessary to understand how much equity will be issued to the investors. We use the fairshare method of startup valuation that is propounded by Shishir Gupta, Founder & CEO of StartupLanes. This method of valuation is a result of his 4 years of research and analysis. This is a modern and most comprehensive method of valuation that includes 26 points, A to Z.

What is the pitch deck bundle?

We have included all the three documents at a discounted fee of USD 1000 + Tax (INR 75000 + GST).

Is pitch deck bundle mandatory?

Yes and No both. All the three documents are mandatory for raising funds, however it is not mandatory to get the pitch deck bundle from StartupLanes. You can make the pitch deck yourself and just get the projections and valuations done by our team. We don’t accept financial projections and valuations made from any other source to ensure the quality standards of our Angel Investment Network.

What is the breakup of fee?

1Pitch Deck DevelopmentINR 50k / USD 700
2Financial ProjectionsINR 25k / USD 350
3Fairshare ValuationINR 25k / USD 350
#Total FeeINR 100k / USD 1400
*Discounted FeeINR 75k / USD 1000

How much time is required to prepare all three documents?

We take 12-15 business days for the preparation of all the documents. However, it can be done within 5-6 business days on payment of 50% additional fee.

Can these documents be updated?

Yes, on payment of 10% of the fee, the documents can be updated one-time. However, it is only applicable for minor changes in data/figures, and some minor design improvements.

How to avail the pitch deck bundle?

Please fill up this form to get the Pitch Deck Bundle. Our team shall call you shortly: Pitch Deck Bundle Service