Pitch to Investors through Video

You can pitch to Angel Investors through StartupLanes YouTube Channel. It is watched by Angel Investors and Venture Capital Associates all across the World. It is easy and complete free, all you have to do it is upload your video and fill in the form.

Step by step procedure:

  1. Write down your idea or startup pitch and then read it to ensure that it is well written.
  2. Record your pitch video using your smartphone or any digital camera that has good quality video and audio.
  3. The video should be between 2 minutes minimum to 3 minutes maximum
  4. The size of video should not be more than 100MB. A one-minute video captured at 480p at 30fps will take up 33MB of space on the iPhone 6s.
  5. Fill in the form and upload the video. Please ensure that no field in the form is left empty. Here is the form: Startup Pitching Video From
  6. Keep checking the StartupLanes YouTube Channel to confirm that your video is uploaded.
  7. We will show the most viewed and liked videos to Angel Investors and VC Associates.
  8. Interested investors will inform us and then we will contact you for further process of fundraising.
  9. Please note that all the pitching videos shall be seen by general public too, therefore please don’t disclose any confidential information in your video.
  10. Feel free to share your videos in your network after it get uploaded to our YouTube Channel.