Podcasters can get closer to their next big ‘get’ using Guestio

Guestio received $1.5 million in early investment for its platform, which makes it easier to book podcasts.

Users can go on the site and book guests for their programmes with the click of a button, according to Travis Chappell, the company’s founder and CEO.

Chappell is a podcaster that hosts the “Build Your Network” entrepreneur show. With almost 700 episodes under his belt over the previous few years, he discovered that stepping up the sort of visitor he wanted on the show was becoming increasingly tough.

In 2020, he founded Guestio as a booking marketplace. Users may register as a podcaster and book someone for a variety of reasons. Talent, on the other hand, may use the app to schedule concerts and promote themselves, such as if they have a book coming out and want to go on a book tour.

Guestio’s current business strategy keeps 20% of booking money and distributes the rest to the booker or performer. It also debuted a new tool that allows guests to charge for marketing interviews they perform, as well as a new “mini endorsement” option that allows businesses to acquire audio or video endorsements from celebrities for usage in things like ad campaigns, according to Chappell.

“We’re also adding new membership tiers,” he said, “so that individuals who require a steady stream of guests for a programme may pay a monthly price.” “We’re also releasing ‘Guestio credits,’ which can be used to schedule interviews or pitch ideas.”

Angel investors John Lee Dumas, David Meltzer, Matt Barnes, Joel Marion, Zvi Band, Ross Paquette, and Josh Snow are among the company’s backers.

Dumas, the presenter of the “Entrepreneurs on Fire” show, has known Chappell since 2017 and was excited to be a part of Guestio when he heard about it. He, too, had difficulty locating highly qualified people to appear on his show, as well as vetting podcasts.

He went on to say, “This is truly for any platform.” “The booking system is compatible with all platforms, and as more people become familiar with the virtual platform, a firm like Guestio will be at the forefront in the future.” They are already a market leader and one of the first to accomplish this at a high level, and they will continue to be sought after.”

According to Chappell, Guestio’s platform has close to 3,000 members and has generated close to $200,000 in revenue in the last five months. He plans to put the extra funds toward expanding the company’s lean staff, marketing, and software development.

His next objectives are to concentrate on the talent side of the marketplace, with the goal of adding more features for guests who want to book themselves on programmes. Similar booking sites charge a hefty fee each podcast appearance, but aren’t upfront about what that involves, according to him. Guestio analyses data on podcasts and uses it to give information about the audience and other insights to help talent make better decisions.

Chappell said, “I’m happy of my team for being able to pull off some of these bigger agreements and bring income into this stage.”

Guestio makes it easier to book podcasts as it concentrates on the talent side of the market as well as analyzing them and providing data. It will emerge as a leader soon. All my best wishes to them.

Shishir Gupta, Founder and CEO, StartupLanes

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