Random Games Funding:Raises $7.6M in Seed

Random Games, a Boulder, CO-based videogaming company, raised $7.6M in Seed funding.

The round was led by Resolute Ventures and Asymmetric, with participation from IGNIA, 2 Punks Capital, ID345, Polygon and David Jones.

The company intends to use the funds to expand its team, begin work on its first Unioverse games and develop AAA-quality game assets freely available to the community.

Founded by industry veterans Tony Harman (Grand Theft Auto, Donkey Kong Country, Crackdown), Wyeth Ridgway (Pirates of the Caribbean, MLB and WWE2K), Random Games is a development studio advancing an entirely new concept in videogames and franchise entertainment through a combination of community empowerment and blockchain technology.

The studio is creating the Unioverse, a massive “community-owned franchise” that flips the script on the relationship between developer, gamer and fan. The Unioverse AAA-quality characters, artwork, models, music and more can be downloaded and used by anyone to make their own games, comic books, movies, lunchboxes, T-shirts – whatever they can imagine. Plus, creators can sell whatever they make and keep the money. Players will purchase an NFT character avatar, which is used to access and play Unioverse games. Because these avatars are NFTs, players can keep or sell them as they wish, and avatars will be interoperable across games in the Unioverse.

About Random Games

Random Games is a development studio spearheading an entirely new concept in videogames and franchise entertainment through a combination of community empowerment and blockchain technology. The company’s first franchise, The Unioverse, is a sci-fi epic that will span across videogames, comic books, novels and more. At the same time, the Unioverse community will be encouraged and equipped to create their own stories, games and more with official high-quality artwork and other assets available as royalty-free downloads. To join the robust Unioverse community, visit the Unioverse Discord server.

When was Random Games founded?

Random Games was founded in 2021.

Who is the Founder of Random Games?

Random Games was co-founded by gaming industry legend Tony Harman (Grand Theft Auto, Donkey Kong Country, Crackdown) and is being created by an all-star team that has worked on hit franchises such as Star Wars, Call of Duty and Star Citizen.

Is Random Games Hiring?

No, randome games is not hiring for any positions

What is the Team Size of Random Games?

As per the popular social media site LinkedIn, randome games has 19 employees.

Where is the Head Office of Random Games?

Randome games is headquartered in 450 Century Park S 112B, Birmingham, Alabama, 35226, United States

How much is the revenue of Random Games?

Random Games has not publicly revealed the revenue in the last round of funding.

Random Games Funding:Raises $7.6M in SeedCongratulations to the entire team. I wish you great success in this endeavour.

Shishir Gupta, Founder and CEO, StartupLanes

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