RoboCop: build by Bengaluru based startup- RoboThoughts


The Bengaluru based startup RoboThoughts is making headlines for its innovative product- RoboCop (also known as SAINT). This RoboCop with its unique features is helping Chennai police in the lockdown period to tackle the situation in hotspot areas. Let’s have a look at the founders of this startup and the exceptional RoboCop.

Anbu Kumar: Founder and CEO comes with 22 years of professional experience in the software industry. Anbu was earlier associated with large MNC software companies like IBM, HP, NetApp, Covansys with significant experience in global software market space. By education, Anbu is from engineering in electronics background and holds ITIL Practitioner, PMP and Agile SCRUM Master certification to his shoulders. 

Anbu Kumar carries hands-on experience in building Robots while continuously exploring his hobby in the Robotics – Artificial Intelligence field and ended up building several robots including a bunch of Humanoid Robots, Autonomous Tracked Robots, Multi-functional Vision-based Robots, Artificial Intelligence based interactive Robots and several more to his collection. Over a period of time, Anbu’s hobby in Robotics turned into a full-time profession which was the birth of his venture RoboThoughts AI Services Pvt Ltd.

Harish Vardhana: Co-Founder of RoboThoughts, joined Anbu to build Robotics products to solve real-time problems on the field. Harish was associated with Cognizant and a Data Scientist. Harish comes up with a stellar entrepreneur experience in running a Robotics EdTech venture with excellent technical depth and breadth of the domain. Harish is an Electrical & Electronics Engineer with Robotics and Automation as his core field strength. Currently working with real-time Robotics platform integrated with IoT and Computer Vision applications.

Both Anbu and Harish built a solid technical team to further productize a “Problem Solving” Robot called SAINT (Scalable Autonomous Intelligent Navigation Transporter) which is an open platform to build customized Robotics solution for Security, Vigilance, Hospitals, Airports, Railway Station, Bus Station, Schools and University Campus, Shopping Malls, Stadiums, Religious Place, etc

SAINT was deployed at Chennai Police to tackle Covid19 situation on the hotspots helping Police personal as field assistants. SAINT has several functions like live video transmission, audio announcement through a mobile app, controlled via web application as well as a handheld remote device, SAINT has the payload capacity to carry 1-2 humans for emergency mobility.

Currently SAINT 2.0 is under development which will comprise several Artificial Intelligence capabilities like Human counting, Distance between humans, Face Detection and Recognition, Number Plate Recognition, Real-Time Analytics Reporting on the Cloud, and several more AI functionalities on the list.

SAINT has been named as “RoboCop” by Chennai Police. SAINT Robot is first of a kind in India.

Founder & CEO Shishir Gupta, congratulate the founders on this commendable work. He says, India has a vast pool of talent. We just need to boost them with proper guidance, mentorship, knowledge, and motivation. Startups like RoboThoughts are the inspiration for our youths to plan their future in the world of science.