Seedtag the ex-googler-founded cookie-free, AI-based Adtech startup taps $250M+ in funding

As regulation, platform dynamics and consumer choice continue to eat into the adtech stalwart known as cookies, it’s leaving a gap in the market for advertising solutions that can work well without relying on cookie functionality. Today, an adtech out of Spain that’s doing just this has raised a big round of funding to double down on the opportunity.

Seedtag was co-founded and is co-led by Jorge Poyatos and Albert Nieto, two ex-Googlers, and as part of the investment Nieto will be relocating to the U.S. to help grow the business there.

“We’re very excited about this partnership with Advent,” Nieto and Poyatos said in a joint statement. “This investment will massively accelerate our U.S. expansion, boost our growth and reinforce our team and the development of our technology. This move further supports our mission of building the global leading platform for contextual advertising, offering an effective solution for cookie-less advertising on the open web.”

The situation for these brands is that the nature of how they connect with consumers, raise awareness among them and even deliver their products have all been drastically changing in the last several years, pushed along by a massive swing toward digital screen usage, changing data protection and privacy priorities, and advances in technology, among other trends. And just as many of them were getting their heads around the move away from static, analogue campaigns for marketing, their understanding of how they can and should use digital platforms has changed, too.

One of the casualties of that has been the cookie — the unit that had been built to track what users are doing online that could in turn be used to present more relevant information to them, based on that activity — which has fallen afoul of privacy and security experts, and subsequently regulators and platform operators. Subsequently, they’re now getting phased out of usage.

Seedtag is part of a wave of tech companies building what they like to describe as “privacy first” alternatives in advertising, typically solutions that continue to allow companies to serve ads in relevant places on programmatic platforms, but without collecting the kind of data that previously would have been needed to do so.

Seedtag has built what it describes as a “contextual AI technology,” which it has branded “LIZ”, which uses AI to do some of the work that cookies might have done in the past. It “reads” what is on a page or within a site, rather than what a user is browsing across all of the web, and combines that with its own algorithms to determine what kinds of interests that particular user might have, and serves ads that are in turn relevant to that particular experience, which appear within a particular piece of content.

Seedtag seems to be an interesting startup which entails immense capability to grow further. I wish them nothing but great sucess for future.

Shishir Gupta CEO & Founder Startuplanes

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