Simplilearn to raise $150 million with Global funds

Edu tech startup Simplilearn is trying to raise $100 to $150 million with the help of Global funds. According to the company, they will exit some early investors and will try to raise primary capital for the expansion of their business.

Simply learn is expecting to close their funds in about a month which $700 million with the help of their backup global funds.

Simplilearn is a Bengaluru-based company founded in the year 2010 by Krishna Kumar who is also the CEO. Simplilearn headquarters are in San Francisco California and United State. They are an online Bootcamp and one of the world’s certified training provider

The backup companies like Kalaari Capital, Helion venture partners, Mayfield fund helped to raise $28 million. Simplilearn raises $3 million with the help of Innocent capital a venture debt fund.

According to the sources, the company will use the fresh funds for developing its offers and services and will also look out for expansion.

Many investors are running to back the online learning platforms. During the covid-19 pandemic, many students turn their heads towards the edtech which gave a boom to their sector.

Byju and UnAcademy are top on the table.

Simplilearn so far offers more than 400 courses with the help of two thousand trainers.

Shishir Gupta, Founder & CEO of StartupLanes says, “Simplilearn is among one of the best edtech platforms. They are growing every day in their respective field which is appreciable. There was a boom in this field due to covid 19. Hope they will be successful in raising the fund”