SL Kolkata Pre-Launch Event


StartupLanes is coming with a great opportunity for entrepreneurs. We are organizing the startup event in Kolkata. Like all other SL events, this event will also be a great hit as many investors are going to join us.

Though people rarely accept that Kolkata is a startup hub but things are changing now…The environment for startups in Kolkata is becoming more and more favorable day by day. A new wave of technology entrepreneurs, investors, and new-generation businessmen, is emerging. Many startups are thriving in Kolkata and are adding to the city’s startup boom. Investors are also attracted to the city’s startup ecosystem. WOW! Momo, a food startup founded by two Kolkata-based graduates. Some other promising startups of the city are FusionCharts, GlobalStat Analytics, Paydeck, Joogaru, etc.

What are the benefits of the StartupLanes Kolkata Launch Event?

  1. All the Founders, Investors & the entire team of StartupLanes will understand your business. This will generate a lot of referral business for you.
  2. We will professionally record your 3 min video that will be shared with 1600+ investors in SL Network. Besides that, we will also share it with you and will go to our YouTube channel. This will be promoted to a lot of audiences.
  3. We only do such an event twice in a lifetime: prelaunch and launch, so this event won’t come again ever as this is the Kolkata Pre-launch. If you miss it, then it’s difficult for you to get a business auditorium, professional sound, professional video recording and editing, good audience & managed setup.
  4. It will cost you Rs. 25k to 50k if you get your video done yourself, we aren’t charging any extra amount for anything, it’s all-inclusive if you book a presenter ticket.
  5. StartupLanes is also an association of Startups that operates in 40 cities across 7 countries, we fight for your rights. Be a part of the family, you will get to know each other.
  6. Unlike other events, you don’t need to approach people yourself and miss the opportunity as they might be busy with others or food. We have a big team of Directors who will connect you with the right people there in the event itself.
  7. StartupLanes is inviting 10+ guest speakers and investors who will be available. We will also facilitate post-event connections.
  8. Two times the opportunity of networking – Tea/Coffee + Snacks & Lunch.
  9. We are a zero rejection accelerator (SL Accelerator) & angel network (SL Angels) – understand how you can raise funds and scale up with us for sure.
  10. We are rated 113 in the World by Growjo as the fastest-growing company. This is your chance to grow with us.

This is a rare opportunity for startups. Please join us and inform your friends and invite them too. This is not just another event, it’s once in a lifetime event that won’t come back again. Only 30 presentation slots are available on a first-come-first-serve basis. Please register quickly.

Community Managers:

East and Central IndiaAkansha Sharma +919717426619
West IndiaAkansha Sharma+917042769916
South IndiaShruti Singh+918527366974
North IndiaKajal Chaudhary+919717066896