Sale Deed

Sale deed

Have you ever come across something called a Sale deed during your search of any property but you don’t know from where to get it drafted. SL Legal specializes in drafting a sale deed and other legal documents.

What is a Sale Deed?

A Sale deed is technically the concluding part of a property-purchase process. It is the most important document. A person should possess as it validates you as the owner of the property by acting as legal proof of ownership.
It is a document that lists in clear detail the price, terms, and conditions upon which the two parties reached an agreement for the sale of the property.

What are the clauses in a Sale Deed?

Some important clauses in a deed of sale are:

  • Parties in the deed of sale
  • Description of the Property
  • The Sale Consideration
  • The clause regarding the payment method
  • Advance payment and Instalments
  • Transfer of Title clause
  • Delivery of the Deed and Possession of the property
  • Indemnity Clause and the Encumbrance clause

Why is the sale deed required?

A sale deed is a must-have document because it contains details of the transfer of property ownership from a seller(vendor) to a buyer(purchaser). It interprets the sale completely.

In other words, through the sale deed, the seller transfers the rights of ownership of the property to the buyer. When the whole process is completed i.e document is drafted and signed, then the ownership rights of the property get completely transferred to the buyer in the deal.

What does the deed of sale draft contain?

There are certain details which are mandatory to be in a sale deed draft:

  • Type of deed
  • Details of the parties involved
  • Description of the property
  • Sale agreement
  • Transfer of title