Smerkato funding: raises funds from StartupLanes


AI-enabled B2B startup Smerkato raises funds from SL Angels Network.

The Bengaluru based startup Smerkato raises an undisclosed amount from StartupLanes Angels Network – SL NRI Angels. The company is planning to use funds for technology up-gradation and marketing & operations expansion. This was the successful first round of Smerkato.

Founded in 2016 by one of the Co-founder Tirumala Sekhar V with other co-founders Yogitha K and Guru Prasad B aims to be a single window for the grocery needs of restaurants and consumers. It was started to organize the Food & Grocery Ecosystem of India using AI Technology.  Simultaneously working on Business Management Solutions, restaurants/ food chains/ local sellers/Suppliers with 24/7 continuous customer support.

Currently, it has onboarded 700+ farmers and 1200+ suppliers with specialties in Retail, Marketplace, Machine Learning, Blockchain Supply chain, Commodity, Farm Leasing, MFU Aggregating, and R2P, etc. covering more than 45,000 km of area.

Founder and CEO of StartupLanes, Shishir Gupta says, “While launching the SL Angels Network in August 2020 I was very much confident with our motive and USP. Within a span of a few months, we started raising funds from our own Angel Network which really helped the startups affected by lockdown. 

Adding to this he says, Smerkato is one of the companies that joined us during the pandemic. We were impressed with the zeal of the team and started working on this project from Day one. They are not only working upon improving the supply chain management solutions but also they are providing a better earning to the soul of the economy – the farmers. Looking for a long-lasting relationship with Smerkato. 

Kudos to Team Smerkato and Team SL Angels.

Community Head, Shruti Singh from StartupLanes who is working on this project says I got connected to one of the co-founders of Smerkato in the month of April, I like the planning and implementation of each and every aspect of the company. They are very particular for each minute thing. They provide a high degree of transparency to their suppliers, customers, and investors. 

Congratulations to the team

Indian Service Restaurants are likely to scale at $5 trillion by 2021 with a projected growth of more than 7%. Bangalore is home to more than 67k small & medium companies with over 50k restaurants/food service providers with a business value of plus 250 crores per month.