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Get Freelancers, Products and Services from Startups, SMEs and Corporates at highly competitive prices. We create competition among the vendors and freelancers to offer you the best rates and give them more volume of sales. This is a win-win for both buyer and seller, thereby protecting both the parties from cheating through our Managed Escrow as a Service (MEaaS) model.

StartupLanes is an ecosystem for 80000+ curated startups from 56 Cities spread across 15 Countries. We ensure that you get the best deals from credible service providers without the hassle of verification.

We have verified our members already. Our intelligent platform ensures that you get the best price, faster, and confirmed delivery. There is no scope of cheating because of our “Managed Escrow as a Service” model. We keep your money safe until you get the service delivered to your satisfaction. The best part with us is that we are managed by “Real Humans” not artificial intelligence, thereby ensuring job creation and emotional touch to the deals.

Whether you have the requirement of graphics designing, digital marketing, legal services or tax consultancy, we have everything for you under on roof. Our community managers are keen to source the right service vendors for you as per your requirements.

Benefits of sourcing through StartupLanes

  1. Safety: Allocating business to unknown people found on social media is risky, there are cases of hacking, data stolen, ghosting after taking the money, and unfinished projects. However, you don’t have to worry about safety while dealing with us.
  2. Efficiency: We have optimized the entire process of sourcing the right service vendor and allocating business for efficiency. We will ensure that you get the maximum output by putting in the minimum time, money, and effort.
  3. Quality: We ensure that you get the best quality delivered at the best prices. We encourage our members to work at low margins and get high volumes. You get the best price, they get more business.
  4. Low Price: The prices offered by our members for all the services are lower than the market price as a part of our standard agreement with them.
  5. Quick Turnaround: We encourage our members to deliver the services quickly without affecting the quality.
  6. Understanding: Our team keeps on researching and learning in order to understand your requirements in a better way.
  7. Structured: Your work will be done by the organized vendors in a structured environment that is managed through technology and real humans.
  8. Compliances: We take care of all the compliances, you don’t have to worry about issues like vendors not depositing GST. We will raise the invoice to you, therefore such issues will be handled by us, ensuring you complete peace of mind.
  9. Contract: We can draft a specific contract for the benefit of you and the vendor both. Generally, startups and small firms miss out on mentioning terms and conditions in a contract, which leads to disputes in the future.
  10. Customer Care: We provide customer care for you as the vendors may not have it.
  11. Satisfaction: We ensure that you get complete satisfaction from the services provided by our members. We keep on rating and marking them for quality and performance.
  12. Free: Our management and services are completely free from commissions for the buyer of services from us.
  13. Vast Network: We have a vast network in 56 cities spread across 15 Countries. Our Regional Directors are physically present in most of the cities we operate in.
  14. Managed: Our platform and system are managed by real humans with the help of technology.
  15. Escrow: We keep your money in escrow till the time you get the service delivered. This protects the interests of buyer and seller both.

Which type of Service Vendors are available at StartupLanes?

We have the following services covered through our Registered Service Vendors:

  1. Graphics Designing, UI/UX, Animation, Video, 3D, AR/VR
  2. Website Design and Development
  3. Content Writing, Translation, Copy Editing
  4. Advertising in Digital and Print
  5. Photography, Videography, Movie Production
  6. Quality and ISO Consulting
  7. HR Consulting, Recruitment, Payroll Processing
  8. Professional Firm with 5+ Employees: Doctor, Architect, Lawyer, CA, CS etc.
  9. Software Application Development
  10. Manual Testing and Automation Testing
  11. Corporate Training
  12. Branded Computer Hardware Supply: Dell, HP, Lenovo, IBM and Acer or Similar
  13. Networking, Security Camera, Security Devices
  14. Advance Technologies Development: AI, Robotics, IoT, Metaverse, Blockchain etc.
  15. Office Supplies
  16. Travel and Tour Operator
  17. Event Management Company
  18. Government Liaisoning and Consulting
  19. Forex Trading, Import-Export
  20. Other B2B Services

Which type of Freelancers are available at StartupLanes?

We have the following Freelancers available, having minimum 5 years of experience:

  1. Graphics Designer or UI/UX Designer
  2. Website Designer
  3. Content Writer
  4. Digital Marketer
  5. Photographer/Videographer
  6. ISO Consultant
  7. HR Consultant
  8. Professional: Doctor, Architect, Lawyer, CA, CS etc.
  9. Software Developer
  10. Software Tester
  11. Trainer
  12. AWS Consultant
  13. Linux Consultant
  14. Advance Technologies Consultant: AI, Robotics, IoT, Metaverse, Blockchain etc.
  15. Industrial Consultant
  16. Other Consultant/Specialist
  17. Video Editor
  18. SEO
  19. Social Media Manager
  20. Accountant

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