Startup Funding Consultants In Bengaluru.

The hub of IT sector in India, Bengaluru

The capital of the Indian state of Karnataka. It has a population of over ten million,making it a megacity and the third-most populous city and fifth-most populous urban agglomeration in India.

In such a vast city how do you make sure that your startup gains the funding and recognition that it deserves?

It is in such a situations  where Startup funding consultants comes into play.

But what exactly is a startup funding consultant?

A startup funding consultant is somebody who directs on how a startup can develop utmost funding and build steady line of investment

The startup funding consultancy model is based on the principle of understanding of the market deeply. They must have a grip on the current finances as well as be passionate about startups. 

Further you have probably have a tonne of question about this particular topic, so let us inform you a little about the world of start-up consultalcy

Starting a new business is a daunting task that requires courage and devotion to make an indication into a reality. Entrepreneurs face many challenges while establishing their startup, but the biggest of these is acquiring funding to finance the startup. Even when young startups find investors who are willing to invest in their ideas, it is difficult to decide what type of investor is right for the specific model and which investor has the best expertise for the entrepreneurs’ startup model. It is best for startups to depend on anexperts during the preliminary stages of business as one wrong step can stem in a huge loss whether monetary or reputable. Startup funding consultancies act as bridges between startups and investors who can best support them. They act as matchmakers for startups and investors. 

Metropolitan cities have been hubs of commerce and business. People often migrate to these cities with dream filled eyes and in hope of a better living. Bangalore is one such city that is if you can understand the analogy, the Mumbai of startups.

Like every actor dreams to fix his feet in Mumbai, every startup dreams to flourish in Bangalore.

As a result, the network of startups in Bangalore is extremely dense and the opportunities are unlimited. According to a research conducted in 2019, Bangalore has a vast ecosystem startups making it one of the leading startup destinations in India. This has been possible due to the presence of imaginative entrepreneurs, prosperous investors and productive startup funding consultancies that have linked these former two.

Which brings us to, How can a startup benefit from Funding Consultant?

A startup consultant helps you in,

 a. Legal Consulting

b. Pitch Decks

c. Key Performance Indicator (KPI)

d. Valuation

e. Investor

f. Negotiation

g. Business Advisory

Now, one might say that what is the use of a funding consultant when they can approach an investor directly.

Here is why,

Everyday investors are inundated with pitches from startups asking them to invest in their company. However, the process of getting established is based purely on luck. Also, startups that are new in the business and they may struggle to find out the right investor for their startup. Consultancies have a rich and vast network of investors that they interact with regularly. Investors communicate their needs to the consultancies and they respond by connecting them to the best startups according to their requirements. There exists an alliance of trust between the investor and the consultancies bestowing the referred startups an edge over those that address the investors directly.

 And what different types of investors that consultancies can connect startups to, you ask?

 Angel Investors are investors who are inclined to fund small-scale operations such as seed rounds and beyond. They are relatively adaptable in their funding and have a lot of value and wisdom to offer to the new startups.

Accelerators and Incubators are carriers that organize various programs where startups can participate and earn the funding to refine their idea and gain adhesion. These programs can help introduce startups to various investors and even gain valuable information for their company.

 Venture Capitalists are large scale investors who furnish monetary investments for startups. They help startups acquire market value and monetary strength in later rounds of fundraising competitions. 

 Corporate Investors are the big corporations that invest in startups. Many big organizations have investment branches that fund and promote startup growth.

 Finally,  What are the roles and responsibilities of a funding consultancy?

a. Create a dense network of investors based on trust and communication

b. Find startups looking for funding

c. Research on the different types of investment models

d. Pair the startup with the right investor

What are the windfalls of a startup consultancy?

a. Extensive network of clients, both startups and investors.

b. Establishing a niche for advising and helping startups raise funds

c. Immense proliferation and expansion opportunities

d. In-depth market knowledge

Now that you are well accquainted with the idea of startup consultancy and looking at the perks it has to offer you, you immediate question must be where can you find one.

Well, you are already at the right place!

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