Startup Tuesday Episode-3

startup tuesday

StartupLanes is back with another session of ‘Startup Tuesday’ with Shishir Gupta. We understand running a successful startup can be challenging and you can’t always have the answers to everything.

If you have missed the previous episodes, Shishir Gupta, Founder and CEO of StartupLanes dedicates one hour from his time every week to help entrepreneurs with their startup-related questions. He is among the top 15 in the world for Venture Capital and startup consulting, rated by the 100s of users who took his paid consulting.

Shishir has researched for three years while writing his book ‘Startup Easy’ which has immensely helped him in gaining domain expertise. With a purpose to help and encourage fellow Indian entrepreneurs, Shishir is conducting ‘Startup Tuesday‘, a one-hour zoom QnA session for 100 people free of cost.

You can ask him anything about startups, funding, traction, pitch deck, angel investors, VCs, and much more. Keep reading for the details.

Q1. Our business is bootstrapped and we’re planning to expand internationally. Should we consider raising external funds from VCs?

Shishir: Every organization needs external funding to grow. However, before approaching VCs, you need to raise angel funding. Click here to listen to the complete answer. (0:21)

Q2. I’m planning to launch a startup in the mobility solutions space. I’ve registered the company and looking to raise funds. How should I proceed?

Shishir: Before you raise external funds, make sure to test your services on a smaller scale. Once they are successful, we’ll help you in raising funds from investors. Get the entire answer here.

Q3. My startup makes transparent masks in view of the pandemic. What can I do to increase my market share?

Shishir: Your product is priced way above your competitors which makes it difficult to penetrate the mass. You have to identify your niche market but it will still be difficult. Click here to know more.

Q4. We are a professionally managed bootstrapped company in the agritech space looking to raise funds to scale our business. How should we go about it?

Shishir: The minimum revenue to raise funds with us is Rs. 10,000 per month. We can help you raise funds in the next 15-20 days if all the documents are in place. Listen to the complete answer here.

Q5. I’ve launched an OTT platform and started gaining traction. Is it the right time to approach investors to raise funds? And should I approach the investors directly?

Shishir: You can directly approach the investors if you are connected to them. If not, it’s always better to approach them via a channel. Click here to listen to the entire answer.

Q6. We are a SaaS-based startup building an employee productivity monitoring software. We have already raised angel funding and are looking to raise a series A round. How can we get help from StartupLanes? And how can we calculate our annual revenue and valuation?

Shishir: There are methods to calculate a startup’s valuation even if there is low revenue. We use an A-Z method for valuation and take into consideration several factors. Click here to learn more about these factors. 

Q7. I want to raise funds for my startup. What are the things that I should keep in place before approaching investors?

Shishir: You should first focus on your Minimum Viable Product (MVP) before scaling up. You should then test it in the market and start generating revenue. Listen to the complete answer here.

Q8. I run a travel company but the pandemic has severely impacted the business and we haven’t generated any revenue since the last year. We’re planning to launch an online holiday platform and need external funding. Please guide us on the possibilities and process.

Shishir: You’ll easily find investors for scaling up an existing business but finding investors for building a product is difficult because of high risk. Click here to listen to what more Shishir has to say.

Q9. I’m looking to launch a paper napkin business. How should I go about raising funds?

Shishir: You can begin by producing toilet paper or kitchen tissue paper but I would still not recommend it because there is very little demand. Moreover, there are big established companies in the market making it unfavorable for you. Listen to the entire answer here.

Q10. My startup provides solutions to builders and developers. We’re looking to scale our business and require external funds. How should we proceed?

Shishir: The investors want to look at how solid your systems and processes are. They would want to know if the company can go on without you. Click here for the complete answer.

Stay tuned for upcoming episodes from ‘Startup Tuesday‘.

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