Testimonials of the Clients

We know trust takes time to build, which is why we always encourage our clients to make their decisions based on testimonials of clients before them. To make it easier for you, we have compiled a list of testimonials from the clients who shared their experiences with us.

Vandana Pandey, MobCast

Vandana Pandey leads the Human Resources vertical at MobCast and is a happy SL client.

Rajat Singhal, Cyboard

Rajat Singhal is the Chief Executive Officer of Cyboard and appreciates the platform that StartupLanes provides budding entrepreneurs for their voices to be heard.

Sanjay Khimesara, Horizon Institute of Design

Founder of HID, Sanjay Khimesara acknowledges StartupLanes’s efforts to connect entrepreneurs with other entrepreneurs and investors.

Parul Chhabra, Tyaar

Parul Chhabra, Founder of Tyaar was satisfied with the entire process of the interview.

Sunil Singh, AAAS-MA Micro Care Foundation

Founder of AAAS-MA Micro Care Foundation, Sunil Singh believes StartupLanes is the right platform for entrepreneurs to showcase themselves to the world.

Prakash Bhootra, Techno Electra

Techno Electra founder Prakash Bhootra is a happy SL customer and appreciates the efforts put by StartupLanes.

Tunir Saha, Skubotics

Tunir Saha, Founder of Skubotics is satisfied with the entire process at StartupLanes and believes the platform will benefit several budding entrepreneurs.

Dhiviya D Ram, Radso Technologies

Radso Technologies Co-founder Dhiviya D Ram is happy with the platform that StartupLanes provides entrepreneurs through its communities.

Sourav Sinha, Brainium

Co-founder of Brainium, Sourav Sinha has made friends with several other entrepreneurs through the StartupLnes community and is happy with his journey with us so far.

Amit Thawarni, Convergence Designs

Amit Thawarni, Founder of Convergence Designs believes StartupLanes is the voice of the masses and resonates with the model of his own company.

Vishal Mehta, Prophetic Business Solutions

Founder of Prophetic Business Solutions, Vishal Mehta says StartupLanes is an amazing platform for budding entrepreneurs who can receive all the support they require.

Naitik Lakhani, Moduco

Naitik Lakhani, Founder of Moduco says StartupLanes has built a trusted and verified network of entrepreneurs who can take help from others in the community.

Archana Saraswat, Bunkar Sarees

Bunkar Sarees Founder Archana Saraswat appreciates StartupLanes for building a platform that encourages and promotes new entrepreneurs in the ecosystem.

Raja Pantham, Social Media Expert

Social Media Expert Raja Pantham says StartupLanes is helping several startups scale up their businesses and network with other entrepreneurs and investors.

Shivesh Jha, Taxaj

Co-founder of Taxaj, Shivesh Jha is a satisfied SL client and believes everyone should look up to StartupLanes for the ideas they are providing.

Baljeet Kaur Anand, Fusion Beat Events

Baljeet Kaur Anand, Co-founder of Fusion Beat Events is highly appreciative of the efforts StartupLanes puts in to create a global ecosystem for startups and entrepreneurs.

Rahul Gupta, Handmakers

Rahul Gupta, Founder of Handmakers says StartupLanes is doing a commendable job by finding diamonds in the form of entrepreneurs and helping common people with big ideas.

Sumit Jain, Adviacent

Founder of Adviacent, Sumit Jain says StartupLanes is helping several entrepreneurs by providing all the services that are required to successfully establish and run a company.

Annapurna, Pushkara HR Services

Annapurna from Pushkara HR Services says she doesn’t have to look anywhere else for services that she requires for her company and completely trusts StartupLanes.

Neeraj Sharma, Tech Aviators Private Limited

Neeraj Sharma, MD and IT Head of Tech Aviators Private Limited believes StartupLanes is providing an amazing platform for startups in the nascent stage to grow and compete with big established players.

Abhisek Mishra, Pisarv Technologies

Founder and CEO of Pisarv Technologies, Abhisek Mishra says StartupLanes is providing an opportunity to new entrepreneurs to share their stories through its platform.

Amit Sharma, Dishah Consultants

Amit Sharma, CEO of Dishah Consultants feels it is high time startups and entrepreneurs get visibility in the market and StartupLanes is providing an amazing solution for it through its media interviews.

Chetan Bhojani, Add Value Consultants

Add Value Consultants Founder Chetan Bhojani says StartupLanes is bringing a revolution in the startup ecosystem by supporting small startups.

Sukhpal Singh Yadav, Organic Bharat

Founder of Organic Bharat, Sukhpal Singh Yadav says StartupLanes is a great platform and support system for emerging startups in the ecosystem.

Dr. Kunal Premani, Growidus

Dr. Kunal Premani, Founder of Growidus says StartupLanes has built an amazing platform for connecting several communities in one place.

Ravinder Pal Singh, Merkado

Merkado Founder Ravinder Pal Singh says StartupLanes is providing a great platform for young entrepreneurs to reach the masses and showcase their skills and also enjoys the pitch competitions at StartupLanes.

Shraddha Tripathi, Binni’s Wardrobe

Founder of Binny’s Wardrobe, Shraddha Tripathi loves the content and information shared by StartupLanes on its platform.

Anshika Verma, Mystical Productions

Anshika Verma, Founder of Mystical Productions says StartupLanes is a great platform that helps people connect and build strong relationships.

Jignesh M. Hirani, FAQs E-Commerce Limited

Jignesh M. Hirani, CEO of FAQs E-Commerce Limited says StartupLanes is a wonderful platform providing the opportunity to startups for branding and raising funds.

Kaushik Nath, Orbitals Learning

Kaushik Nath, Founder and Head of Programs at Orbitals Learning says StartupLanes has introduced an innovative concept to support budding entrepreneurs.

Amit Samanta, NSN Hotels

Founder of NSN Hotels, Amit Samanta says he is grateful to be a part of this community and is looking forward to partnering with StartupLanes again in the future.

Harish Sharma, VKJJ Games And Entertainment Private Limited

Harish Sharma is the Founder/Director of VKJJ Games And Entertainment Pvt Ltd. says it has become easier for startups to increase their brand visibility with StartupLanes.