Startups of the month- March 2021

StartupLanes brings 12 startups of the month from the ecosystem of StartupLanes for the month of March 2021. You can connect with these startups for business and also explore possible investment opportunities in them.

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Paperwork e-Accounting:

Paperwork e-Accounting Services LLP is an Ahmedabad (Gujarat, India) based accounts outsourcing and consulting company offering end-to-end bookkeeping services and specialized professional services. Established in 2012 by a Chartered Accountant, Paperwork has been serving entrepreneurs, start-ups, micro-small-and-medium businesses alike and akin to a virtual CFO assisting the management with effective financial administration. It makes much sense to outsource what is tedious for you, to the experts who do it with much expertise, experience, and ease; and thus invest more resources on key business functions that make a direct impact on your profits.

Whether you are a start-up or a growing business, they are here to take the bookkeeping load off your shoulders so that you can concentrate on things that matter the most for your business growth. They are one of the leading professional bookkeeping and accounting companies for small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

Adept in financial administration, they take complete care of your accounts and financial compliances with the help of their two great assets –powerful cloud accounting software and an enviably huge team of qualified accountants. Right from importing information to generating month-end statements to providing aid in filing taxes; they do it all with much efficiency to ensure you have complete peace of mind.

Whether accounting is something that gives you a headache, or whether numbers drive you nuts, or whether you have limited resources that keep you from having a dedicated accounts department; you can simply pull them in to take care of bookkeeping for your business. 

Their services include:

Accounting – Leverage the benefits of our exclusive cloud accounting software backed by a powerful document management system and an army of bookkeepers who work in unison to provide you with effective, quick, and affordable financial administration for your business.

MIS & Data Analysis – Your balance sheet and allied books of accounts can tell you much more about your business than just the amount of profit or loss. Has it ever happened to you that your quarterly sales have surged, but surprisingly your profits have declined? While you may scratch your head figuring out what’s wrong and where our accounting experts can expose it all.

Start-Ups – Empower your dream start-up with much-needed financial expertise and solutions that can lead it towards desired success and growth. As a start-up, you may be struggling for funds in the initial stages, with the management of finances and scoring profits in subsequent ones and with maintaining proper books of accounts.

Virtual CFO – You need a CFO to lead you through business growth by handling your finance department strategically. How about if we said you can outsource it just as you outsource accounting services?

Restaurant Accounting – We, at Paperwork, can help you find keys to all the locks. We don’t just manage your cash flow and income statements, but we also enlighten you on analysis of the numbers that tell you what works for your business and what doesn’t. With our proven financial expertise in tow, we also alleviate your bookkeeping challenges and need for reconciliation that comes attached with third-party tie-ups with aggregators.

Accounting for Investments – Whether you are a seasoned trader or novice investor, you must ensure that you are aware of your short-term capital gains, long-term capital gains, losses, and expenses by having them well accounted for by experts.

Accounting for Professionals – Paperwork, the house of professional accountants, has proven its forte in accounting for professionals like Doctors, Lawyers, and Architects. We also offer our expert bookkeeping services to the Chartered Accountants (CAs), Company Secretaries (CS), and Cost and Management Accountants (CMAs) who put their own accounting at the back seat in relentless pursuit of serving their clients at their best.


AADONA was founded in June 2018 under Start-up India Initiative by 4 passionate technology enthusiasts who believe India has great potential and must have a premium networking technology brand of its own. AADONA is registered under the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion, Government Of India, MSME, Udyam, GeM Market Place and is ISO9001-2015 certified brand. Till now most of the IT infrastructure and projects uses different popular MNC brand or cheap imports. AADONA is determined to change that. It worked hard to create an Indian brand that can deliver smart and cost-efficient solutions for IT Infrastructure requirements of SMB or Enterprise. They are an Indian MNC in making with a presence across the country. Inspired by Start-up India and Make In India, they believe an Indian IT brand can unlock value and help drive business growth. At AADONA they create a symphony of cutting-edge hardware and software which is a combination that translates to business success, every single time.


The vision of the company is to create a global impact to reduce hazards created by the fashion industry. BamboologyTrends.com has initiated a mission to provide sustainable fashion by focusing on Bamboo clothing. Bamboo is one of the most sustainable fabrics, having immense qualities for better health, environmentally friendly, and 100% biodegradable. Clothing that will save our earth and works toward giving a better world to our future generations.

Awareness and sensitivity towards conservation of natural resources and climate change have increased drastically over the last decade, with the intrusion of social media and digital media. Millennials are getting awareness from the early stages of schools and they will be the torchbearer of such initiatives and they have better acceptance and commitment towards saving our planet. This is high time to give them solutions like bamboo clothing to create a positive impact on health and the planet.

Varlyq Technologies:

Varlyq offers its services like software development, graphic, and UI/UX designing by following the unique approach of story-telling. They try to give all the possible assistance through advanced technology. Believing in creating value for their customers, employees, and shareholders of the company, they try to meet the challenges of tomorrow with their customers. Being customer-focused, they help all their clients with this innovative approach that creates sustainable businesses and promotes efficient use of resources. Currently, they are running a survey on their clients and employees and the response they are getting is very positive, it seems to be liked by most of them.

Varlyq offers its services like software development, graphic, and UI/UX designing by following the unique approach of story-telling. They tell stories in the following ways:

1.Through Social Media

The company is active on social media platforms. They run their social media platforms with a very unique approach. They take characters from TV shows/Web series/Movies and we create a business story on them and do character animation to showcase this. They are getting a very good response to this idea.

“Agar hum kisi badi picture ka hissa nahin, to kaun hain?”

2.Through awesome designs and animations

A client desires a website/application with a better user experience, they design it for them. They are very good at designing and take pride in their philosophy and helping their clients by designing great websites and applications for them.

“Jo aankho ko lubhata hai, humara Varlyq wahi banata hai”

3. They go the extra mile to help their clients 

They do limited work but help their clients with other work as well. Finding out names for business, what server to use, with mail issues, how to brand their business, etc., they do it all. They don’t just do business, they are creating a community.


Their vision is imbibed from the idea of a Sanskrit maxim Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam i.e. to create one global family for collective learning experience and opportunities across geographies and communities and build the most accessible systems for multidisciplinary aspects under one roof of education bypassing all barriers pertaining to freedom of expression in learning.

In the present global digital society educators, students, institutions, parents, and other stakeholders directly or indirectly related to the education sector are, though, active digitally but surprisingly not in a single unified educational ecosystem.

Bizivox Edtech Private Limited will provide them a common virtual space where they can come together and interact with one another for all sorts of educational requirements whether direct or indirect absolutely free without troubling their individual professional space and freedom.

Thus, they created a social media committed only for education where stakeholders can interact with one another for myriads of educational activities with little chance of getting diverted while scrolling down the posts and browsing pages.

Today, surprisingly, there is no single open-source digital platform to evaluate written answer papers where students can have the convenience to get their answers evaluated by any qualified and experienced evaluators of their own choice. To address this apparent gap, Bizivox enables students to get their written answers evaluated from anywhere in simple and easy steps by any qualified and experienced evaluators of their choice.

This arrangement gives a win-win situation to both as students (even from the remotest part of the world) can appraise their writing skill level by having their written answers evaluated from the evaluators of their choice and the evaluators get an opportunity to create their own Descripting Test Series and to earn even working from their homes.

It is a noted fact that the market is overwhelmed with myriads of paid quiz-creating applications and APIs, but strikingly there is no free open source for personalized quiz creation. The price-bands of such applications are so high that they can generally be afforded only by big players and institutions, thus, new entrants, small institutions, and individual educators with limited resources go devoid of such wonderful tools of learning and imparting education. Some educators, despite being potent talents, many a time – though unmindfully – become the bonded content creators for the big players. Thus, they lag far behind in the competition.

The Quiz Module of Bizivox is, therefore, a peerless solution to this problem where even the most resource-stricken and struggling educators and institutions can also avail of this wonderful facility for Free. These tools will not only enable them to create personalized quizzes for students seamlessly but will also help them monetize their talent and efforts.

There are numerous Job Portals today that help amateurs, professionals, and employers interact with one another to find jobs or hire employees in various sectors. But there are no such job portals that provide such facilities dedicatedly to the education sector which is partly organized and partly unorganized.

Thus, the Job Portal Module of Bizivox will act as a boon to billions of people in the world seeking part-time or full-time employment in this semi-organized market.

Apart from it, the employers of this sector will also get a hassle-free dedicated market where they can display and advertise their vacancies and requirements. This will unquestionably lead to a large number of quality resumes and quick responses.


BVTSPL is a perfect mix of Virtual Assistance, Digital Marketing, and Lead Generation services providing company. Chennai-based Baba Virtual Talent Studios provides exceptional end-to-end back-office management service intending to help businesses to spend more time growing and expanding their business.

Founded in the year 2019 by 3 members of the family with the vision to provide fully integrated back-office services, it grew during the period of Covid-19 due to the ever-increasing demand of remote working staff from their global customer base. The existing VA companies only provide clerical services, whereas BVTSPL delivers expert services in virtual assistance to their international clientele.

Mr. Venkat, the CEO & Founder of Baba Virtual Talent Studios Pvt. Ltd (M/s.BVTSPL) is an entrepreneurial and driven Chief Executive with 25+ years of leading industry experts in domestic and international marketplaces. He is a facilitator and builder of world-class technology management and product development teams, with a specialty in both start-up and scaled growth stages. He commands Proven networking skills, building fruitful partnerships with hundreds of clients, and delivering multimillion-dollar bottom-line growth. 

BVTSPL manages Brand & Design, Content Creation, Promotion Online, Website Development, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Tele inbound and outbound Services, Email Marketing, Dedicated Travel Desk for Corporate business, and several other activities. BVTSPL has also earned a reputation to provide top-class Admin Support services to small and midsize companies in a short period. Thus, they became an attractive destination for the businesses as they provide all the services under one roof and saves time, money, and comfort.

In the area of Web Solutions, BVTSPL has entered into a strategic partnership with M/s. ATRICA division of Smart Tools 24 GmbH, Germany, provides the world’s first and only Technical Ranking Algorithm software driven by Artificial Intelligence. That will help businesses to get their websites onto page 1 of Google. And keep it there with hardly any human input and at radically less cost than traditional SEO services.

According to a report by Manpower Group Solutions, economists predict that India’s workforce will exceed 900 million by 2021, thereby moving ahead of China as the most significant workforce economy. BVTSPL has signed a pact with a Homeland security services provider from the USA, a Solar panel provider from the UK, and an LED bulb manufacturer from Australia to provide inbound and outbound call services. The company sees a significant opportunity to provide jobs during the economic crisis. According to Mr. Venkat, the company plans to provide 100s of jobs in the coming months for these projects.

BVTSPL acquired customers from the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, UAE, Lebanon, and many more countries worldwide. The Customer list includes of most well-known companies like Cooper Tire, Siteupp, Koch, etc.

Additionally, BVTSPL has inked a contract with a US-based company to provide Web Development to bring in up-to-the-minute Blazor Application in place of Java Script. This is going to be a path-breaking initiative in the field of web development.

BVTSPL receives an average of 500 applications every month from various remote professionals, highlighting their skills and work experience. Their process is so rigorous for an ordinary VA admin assistant job that the applicants have to undergo tests and interview rounds where they are evaluated in over 40 different parameters, including their communication skills, internet skills, and problem-solving skills.

While VA applicants are rejected, only two to four percent are shortlisted. Once hired, VAs have to go through a five-week training program, where their skills are upgraded for 70 everyday tasks by the managers.

BVTSPL’s low price point makes it more desirable than its global competitors. According to the founders, Indian VAs provide services at a lower price, despite five to 15 years of experience.

In the next five years, BVTSPL plans to provide 1000s of jobs to the most deserving candidates coming out every year and help businesses reduce their capital investment cost and make them more profitable. 

Daten and Wissen:

Daten & Wissen (D&W) incorporated in 2019 in Mumbai, unravels issues by providing customized Artificial Intelligence solutions. They work on technological ideation and provide AI-based solutions to bring in efficiencies in businesses. They strive to innovatively help their clients leverage the power of AI and bring coherence to their business. They aim to utilize and analyze data to generate maximum and diverse outputs. Being a DPIIT-recognized and NVIDIA Inception startup partner affirms our strength in innovation and technology.

“Daten and Wissen are on an innovative journey of digital transformation through technology and the power of AI. We believe Artificial Intelligence is all about applying Mathematics along with technological aspects which negates possible human errors and in turn contributes to the digital growth of the businesses.”

Nimble Design Studio:

When it comes to constructing a building for commercial building, people go to an architect and pay him a hefty price and anyhow later charge it from their customers but for residential buildings for most of the people, it’s their dream house. They tend to get a little fuzzy to go to a big architect and end up taking suggestions from the local mastery for their house plans or for the elevations, not just that some also go to the extent of taking suggestions for the structural design of their house.

Nimble Design Studio sees an increase in demand in the residential housing sector, each year about 1.9 million houses are built and it is increasing year by year. But the quality of house planning and designing is not at all improving. Nimble Design Studio intends to increase the aesthetic value of the house trying to limit its cost at the same time.

Nimble Design Studios Pvt Ltd is one of the best in class architectural design service providers online, In short, it’s an e-commerce site for architectural services. From simple house plans to modern house elevation design to the Structural Design of a house they do it all. They started this company on 20-10-2020 and the company is registered under the Startup India initiative by the Government of India.

When it comes to house planning, elevation designs, and structural designs they are very cost-effective and very convenient. Their main aim is to fulfill our customers’ needs because they know the feeling when the dream of building your dream house takes shape and they don’t want your experience to be ruined. That’s why they have kept their process very simple and pleasant.

The founder of Nimble Design studios Vishesh Kakar is an animator by academic qualification and a designer by profession, he uses to work with his father Naresh Chander Kakar who was a contractor and a builder very keen on steel pre-manufacturing building and the future of construction, that’s when Vishesh also go very interested in construction and architecture field. After his father passed away in the year 2018 he works in an architectural company, passionate about doing something on his own, later started his own company nimble design studios.


SOSUDA TECH is a leading professional IT services company, providing services through Strategy, Digital, Technology, and Operations capabilities. Their mission is to transform and modernize the deprived, underdeveloped nations where digital inequality has become the roadblock to success. At the moment, in process of modernizing the youngest nation of the world – ‘South Sudan’ they are about to launch the country’s 1st Digital Wallet – SOSUDA PAY.

Many more projects like Global Virtual University which is a skill and talent development program building a manpower pool for global industry requirements. With a strong focus on assuming a leadership role in the Digital Learning World, SOSUDA TECH has charted a focused business strategy to address the Digital Transformation needs for individuals and corporate customers by offering training and consulting to help them re-invent themselves, their community & organizations.

Sosuda Tech has Offices in 3 continents – India (Noida), the United States (Boston), South Sudan (Juba), A young team of Technocrats, Marketers, and Consultants – we are confident to make a big impact!

Target Accounts:

Target Accounts started as an NGO back in 2009, teaching Commerce to BPL students for free, in 2011 they started teaching Stock Market Classes.

Till now they have taught more than 4000+ students, All Classes are conducted by the CEO & CA Sanjay Jaswani.

Target Accounts has a wide experience of 11 years in Investing and 8 years in Trading and has taught all students with the same Experience and Practical Exposure. They have a team of CFA, CMT, CA, CS, and Engineers.

Founder of Target Accounts C. A Sanjay Jaswani has been awarded by Rajasthan Patrika and Air India for his knowledge and has also given speeches in some of the renowned events of entrepreneurship like Spark, entrepreneurship for young minds.

He is an Economist, M.EC Ignou, and has received acclaim for his knowledge by some of the prominent vernacular newspapers like Rajasthan Patrika and has some articles written about him in the same.

India, being a growing economy and a developing country, has plenty of investing and trading opportunities that one can make use of. So, let learning about earning be your guide in your quest for financial freedom. Invest in yourself by investing in yourself.  

Sanjay says that apart from other holidays, individuals and families must also celebrate Happy Financial Literacy and Happy Financial Freedom days, weeks, and months! 

The Education Journey:

The Education Journey (TEJ) is a Mumbai-based one-stop destination for K-12 Coaching as well as Corporate Training. Founded in 2016 by Mr. Tejas Shyam, an IITian and passionate educator, it has successfully developed a niche in training secondary and senior secondary school students for various National and International Olympiads, contests, and examinations in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics with a student-centric education focus.

Over the past two years, the organization has diversified into Entrepreneurship Skill Development initiatives for college students as well as professionals across the country, such as certificate courses, workshops, and training programs.

Mr. Tejas Shyam himself conducts modular Corporate Training Programs in Entrepreneurship, Intrapreneurship, Business Opportunity Evaluation, and Business Modelling strategies. TEJ also offers consultancy services for pre-startups and startups.

With a mission to help, individuals and organizations understand and achieve their true growth potential, TEJ is a forward-looking organization focused on building skills needed for the 21st century.

Voltro Motors:

The Delhi-based startup has been founded by Prashanta, who is an inventor and has three published patents to his credit all related to electrical power generation. Before turning towards Physics which has been his passion and venturing into research which he has been involved in over the last 15 years he has been into hardcore sales for 20 years in various verticles including timeshare, space selling, outdoor, and tires. His passion for connecting with the reality on the ground got him thinking and he dug deep into the reason for the slow adoption of electric cycles in India and the world over. On probing further and doing a random sample survey, he concluded that the main reasons for his yawning chasm that exists despite the consciousness in people about adopting green technology were

(a ) Limited Range of the electric cycle, which varies from 25 km to 40 km.

(b) Restricted usage, since these E cycles are designed to be used only on smooth city roads and cannot be used to ride on hills or off-road.

(c ) These cycles are designed for use by one person and do not have pillion riders.

(d ) These cycles are priced exorbitantly in terms of the features they offer.

Voltro Motors, a Delhi-based EV startup incorporated last year, was on the cusp of launching a prototype version of their electric motorcycle modeled on the Harley Davidson when the nationwide lockdown was announced on 24 March 2020.

Prashanta, the founder and CEO, had to momentarily shelve his plans because obtaining official approval for manufacturing their electric motorcycles became harder under these circumstances. But instead of sitting idle, Prashanta and his team decided to develop something that would not require official approvals from bodies like the Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI) and the International Centre for Automotive Technology (ICAT).

What emerged a couple of months later was the Voltron E-Cycle with a battery range of 100 km and features that offered off-road riding, pillion riding, and hill riding at just Rs 35,000.

“Before venturing into making an electric cycle, I surveyed the market for it and sought to understand why absorption levels were so low in India despite its eco-friendly and economical nature. One reason was that most e-cycles did not have adequate range. Most e-cycles in the market today have a battery range of 25 to 35 km, which creates range anxiety in the minds of users. Our e-cycles have a range of 100 km on a single charge,” says Prashanta, in an exclusive interview with The Better India.