Sundar Pichai is now the CEO of “Alphabet” Group & Google

Sundar Pichai

Sundar Pichai is announced as the CEO of Alphabet Inc. (Parent company of Google).

Sundar Pichai Alphabet CEO Infographic
Sundar Pichai Alphabet CEO Infographic

After becoming Alphabet’s CEO, Larry Page proposed the name of Sundar Pichai as CEO of Google in 2015. And the board has no doubt appointed him as the CEO. He took the responsibility for Google search, Android, YouTube, Chrome, hardware, cloud computing and all of its other core businesses. And now after 21 years run when Sergey Brin Steps down, Sundar Pichai takes over the position of Google’s parent company Alphabet.on 3 December 2019.

In a letter to employees, Page and Brin wrote: “We’ve never been ones to hold on to management roles when we think there’s a better way to run the company.” They added that Pichai “brings humility and a deep passion for technology to our users, partners and our employees every day” and that there is “no better person to lead Google and Alphabet into the future.”

Shishir Gupta, the Founder of StatupLanes congratulates Sundar Pichai  and says it’s a tremendous news. It’s a A great moment of pride for India. He has given a lot to the company, like Google Chrome, Chrome Operating System which became a great success challenging its competitors like Firefox & Internet Explorer. Not just for the company he has also introduced Project Loon in India to connect remote are areas with wireless 4G Services. Being a highly talented he truly deserves this success. Sundar is the inspiration for all of us. Congratulations to all the Indians.

Alphabet Inc. created through a corporate restructuring of Google On 2 October 2015 with the aim to make the core Google internet business services  “cleaner and more accountable” while allowing greater autonomy to other group companies that work on other than internet services. It is the world’s fifth-largest company. He is known for his leadership style, a strong communicator.

Born on 12 July 1972 Sundarajan Pichai also know as Sundar Pichai born in a middle-class family in Chennai did his Metallurgical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur. He worked for McKinsey & Company as a Management Consultant. In 2004 he joined Google that became a life-changing event of his life. He worked for Toolbar, Google Gears, and Google Pack. He introduced the Chrome browser followed by Chrome Operating System In 2009. By 2012 he was the senior VP of Chrome and apps. Sundar Pichai formally announced Project LOON for providing Internet access to rural and remote areas to create an aerial wireless network with up to 4G speeds in India.. In 10 August, 2015 retiring from, Google Larry Page took the command of Alphabet Inc. and named Sundar Pichai as the CEO of Google. He also introduced Android to Google Products.  He also serves as a Member of the Board of Advisors at Ruba Inc. He is Larry’s most trusted Second-in-Command since the time Larry took over the reins of Google from Eric. He had single-handedly managed to install a core team of vice presidents to help Larry for smooth functioning