scarborough-headquartered Darwynn has secured $20 million in pre-seed funding to further develop its automated fulfillment network.

Incorporated last year, Darwynn claims that its tech-enabled fulfillment system takes up less physical space than a complex and costs less to operate. Its software platform is able to control how inventory is stored and retrieved within the storage system, and how outbound orders are prioritized, processed, and sequenced.

Darwynn said its storage solution uses robotic shuttles to travel independently from each storage level, riding on narrow rails. The startup said these robots are able to retrieve stored items at high speeds, ranging from 200 to 700 lines per hour.

“The opportunity for innovation within the Canadian fulfillment marketplace through the use of data and automation is immense,” said Reza Bafandeh, CEO of Darwynn. “Our vision is to be the world’s most seller-centric company, providing a platform that gives complete control and visibility to brands and retailers.”

In addition to its main office in Toronto, Darwynn’s facilities are also located in Vancouver, Calgary, and Montréal. Its partner fulfillment centers are in Edmonton, Ottawa, and Québec City.

According to Darwynn, this fresh injection of $20 million will help the company to expand on the development of its fulfillment network.

Wynn Xie, president of Darwynn, said the pre-seed round represents the company’s initial round of financing, and that it is an important stepping stone to allow Darwynn to continue building its offering.

Darwynn has entered a space that is full of big players, including Ottawa’s e-commerce giant Shopify.

Shopify recently closed its acquisition of San Francisco-based Deliverr to expand its in-house fulfillment network. Shopify said that it will be working with Deliverr to launch Shop Promise, a new service that will offer consumers two-day and next-day delivery options.

Shopify first began moving into logistics with fulfillment centres in 2019. With the integration of Deliverr, Shopify said it will be able to offer its merchants a single platform for their logistics needs such as initial receipt of inventory, smart distribution, deliveries, and returns.

Darwyn seems to be an interesting startup and has immense possibilities coming its way in near future. I hope that they make most out of it and wish them nothing but success.

Shishir Gupta CEO & F ounder Startuplanes

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