Toothsi startup raised $ 5 million

Dental tech startup Tootshi is a subsidiary company of Ampa orthodontics. Toothsi raised $5 million during the series A round. The company informed about it through a press release on 9th January.

The company is expecting to use the raised fund for its expansion in 15 cities in India itself. To backend research and development and also for investing in technology.

Toothsi was founded in the year 2018. Its headquarters are in Mumbai founded by Arpi Shah, Pravin Shetty, Manjul Jain, Anirudh Kale all of them are orthodontic doctors.

Tootshi in the dental space provides smile correction services at home. they use clear aligner technology to make teeth straightening hassle-free and affordable.

Recently, the company also launched its skincare brand by the name cause Skinsi.

The company said they are getting a positive response and are growing month to month.

Many investors like, think investment, a San Francisco based hedge company, dream11, pharmaeasy also participated in series A round.

Shishir Gupta, Founder & CEO of StartupLanes says, “Toothsi are providing affordable services for smile correction services at home, even recently they launched their skincare product. congratulations to them.”