Top 10 COOs in India

  1. Kamadeba Mohanty

Chief Operating Officer for store operations and Jiomart.

2.N.G Subramanian

Tata Consultancy

Chief Operating Officer & Executive Director at Tata Consultancy Services

3. UB Pravin Rao

pravin Rao served as the Chief Operating Officer of Infosys and a Whole-time Director of the Board. Started as Software Engineer Trainee in Aug 1986 and Super-annuated in Dec 2022.
He was inducted on January 10, 2014 as a member of the Board. He was a member of the Stakeholder Relationship Committee and the Corporate Social Responsibility Committee of the Board.

4. Nitin Paranje

To show that outstanding results can be achieved while upholding traditional values of dignity, respect, and justice, Nitin Paranje, CEO of Hindustan Unilever Ltd., must show that purposeful business is fully compatible with lucrative company.

5. Sudip Dasgupta

Sudip Dasgupta was appointed COO of Dhamra Port-Odhissa. Operation, mechanical equipment purchase, planning, allocation, maintenance, and operation, as well as cost analysis and optimisation, are his primary management responsibilities. he is professional with three decades of experience in technical, management, and business operations.

6. Amit chaoudhry

President and Chief Operating Officer at Wipro, member of Wipro Executive Board

7. Soumendra sahu

Soumendra sahu has been popular for his twenty years of experience in intensive sales and marketing roles in Telecom & Paints industry.
• Sixteen years of experience in sales and marketing of telecom services including managing product and retailing of Telecom services in various geographies like Karnataka, Maharashtra, Mumbai, Gujarat, Orissa, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Bihar & Jharkhand.
• Ability to manage cross-functional teams set up to achieve specific objectives. Excellent at internal communication and inter-departmental co-ordination.
• Skilled in planning and implementation of GTM to achieve objectives within time and budgets.
• Exceptional data analysis and interpretation skills developed through training and exposure at work.

8. Rahul Singh

Chief Operating Officer (COO) – Corporate Functions

9 .Sumathi Anguswamy

Chief Operating Officer at Vedanta


Chief Operating Officer, Maruti Suzuki India Limited

He leads Production vertical at Maruti Suzuki India Limited. EMERGED AS COO OF Maruti Suzuki India limited

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