Top 10 EdTech Startups in Australia

An Australian EdTech and Innovation business is one that is building innovative education products or services using technology in one of these areas: Platforms for administration, student management, content management and learning management within the education sector. Digital learning content or services used by learners, education providers or corporations connected to education and learning. Consultants and advisors with specialist EdTech domain knowledge that support the education sector with expertise on product design, learning design or organizational development. The Australian EdTech sector is an active exporter taking Australian education global. Every Australian EdTech company that is generating more than $2M annual revenue is exporting. Australian EdTech companies have created a massive economic impact with growing 800 EdTech Companies, 13000 Employees and an overall revenue of $ 2.2 Billion.

With so many companies in the EdTech industry, we’ve put together a list of exciting companies to keep an eye in the coming years. Each doing amazing things in their own right, here we present Top 10 Australian EdTech Companies to explore in 2021.

  1. OpenLearning is a growing education SaaS company working towards its mission of being the number one lifelong learning platform. OpenLearning goes beyond content delivery and focuses on enabling interactive and engaging social learning experiences for communities of connected learners. With over 3 million learners and 196 education providers, OpenLearning is considered an Australian innovation and technology success story.
The concept of micro-credentials is gaining momentum in Australia and around the world. Aligned with efforts and the recent AQF review, learners and education providers alike lack concrete guidance and a unified approach to implementing micro-credentials, communicating the benefits to learners and aligning them to national quality assurance frameworks. With that in mind, OpenLearning has introduced OpenCreds, the lifelong learning framework designed to meet the needs of the Australian education sector, industry, and most importantly its lifelong learners.

2. Typsy

Typsy has built an engaging and enjoyable edtech startup for people who serve the hospitality industry. It has a growing library of around 1000 bite-size skills training videos, all filmed with industry experts that are perfect for today’s hospitality training needs. Hospitality businesses, staff and schools, governments, organizations and industry partners can host their training on Typsy too. Funding received was US $ 10M. Its platform has fun quizzes, certificates and downloadable resources along with lessons and courses. It caters to Front of House, Back of House and Management in categories such as culinary, compliance, beverage, service, marketing, management and business.


SEQTA Software builds and delivers teaching and learning management software solutions for schools and teachers. Its first solution is The SEQTA Suite, a teaching and learning network that enables teachers, students, and parents to work together in an online community. Funding received was AU$ 8.5M by the investor Larsen Ventures. Its second solution is SEQTA Teach, a product that helps teachers complete their administrative works in a software application, including attendance, curriculum planning and delivery, marks book and assessment, correspondence, student welfare, individual education plan management, online resources management, and more solutions.

4. Academy Xi

Academy Xi provides people with tech-driven programs to help them upskill and transform their careers. Its product suite is focused on emerging fields in Design and Tech. With the help of a structured, integrated approach it personalizes its core programs to fit the unique needs of every company it engages with. Funding received worth US$ 5.5M. Academy Xi claims itself to be a problem solver and strives to implant purpose into whatever they do. It is operating with a vision to truly change the world through education and the community it is building.

5. Edrolo

Edrolo provides digital and physical education resources for students aged 7-12. Funding received worth AU$ 3.9M by Blackbird Ventures, AirTree Ventures, Startmate .The startup’s belief is that all students should have access to the best teachers, the ones who bring subjects to life and inspire learning and passion. Additionally, it also states that all schools should have access to powerful data to drive school improvement, which they can access via the Edrolo platform.

6. Paddl Co.

Paddl is an activities-based learning recognition platform. The startup is working with the belief that experience unravels opportunity and that all experience is valuable. Users can capture and share their learning with 50+ activity types across 6 categories including activities verified by providers helping them earn experience points (XP) and badges. Funding received worth US$ 3.5M. Paddl’s XP Analytics delivers unique insights for talent assessment and professional development. It has partnered with the best-in-class providers to deliver bespoke learning experiences for its users.

7. Maths Pathway

Maths Pathway is an online educational website that teaches mathematics. Funding recieved worth US$ 2.1M by Aera VC, Social Ventures Australia. It differs from traditional mathematics, as it is set up in a modular format, with students working on individual pieces of learning using a computer and worksheet. To use Maths Pathway, schools must pay a fee for each student. Students select their work based on what proficiency level they are at, in contrast with every student completing the same tasks. Students are then required to be tested on what they have learned every two weeks.

8. Inkerz

Inkerz provides a web platform that enables collaboration using real pen and paper. Its platform can capture natural handwriting written from a digital ink pen on regular paper and transmit the same through the internet. It also allows users to create virtual classrooms and communicate with peers through chat, voice and video. Users can even create a single document instantaneously so that they can organize tutorials, distance education and business collaboration. Funding received worth US$ 1.1M by muru-D, RCL Accelerator. Inkerz charges for the digital pen and provides free access to its web platform.

9. EdSmart

EdSmart is an industry-leading School Organisation System (SOS) that helps school communities grow and progress by freeing up administration time and resources. It was initially named ParentPaperwork and had forayed into the edtech industry with a specific mission to make schools paperless. Funding received AU$ 350K. Nevertheless, it has now developed into so much more, a complete School Organisation System. The EdSmart SOS is presently being used by over 400 schools in eight countries worldwide.

10. Code4Startup

Code4Startup offers courses that it teaches in the form of projects wherein students go through all the steps and stages to develop a real app. Funding received US$ 125K. Students need not learn everything about different technologies separately like HTML, CSS, JavaScript or Ruby on Rails to create a web app. In Code4Startup’s technique, which they called POA (Product-Oriented-Approach), students just need to learn what they need.

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