Top 100 Legal Law Firms in India.

StartupLanes presents the exclusive list of Top 100 Legal Law Firms in India. A Law firm is a business entity formed by one or more lawyers to engage in the practice of law.

SL Delhi Legal

SL Delhi Legal provides Legal Services to everyone facing Legal Disputes in Delhi and are struggling to find a good Lawyer. The National Capital Territory (NCT) of Delhi has 1 Supreme Court, 1 High Court, 7 District-level Courts and various other Tribunals.

Most people recognize New Delhi as the home of India’s national government. The city is home to numerous historical landmarks and tourist sites, as well as bustling markets and delicious food like chaat. SL Delhi Legal provides Legal Services to everyone facing Legal Disputes in Delhi who are struggling to find a good Lawyer. The law is essential because it serves as a standard for what is permitted in society. Conflicts between social groups and communities would exist without them. It is crucial that we adhere to them. Changes in society can be easily adapted thanks to the law.

SL Mumbai Legal

SL Mumbai Legal resolves all kind of Legal problems for organizations facing Legal Disputes such as Bankruptcy, Pro Bono, Constitution Litigation and many more.

With a population of more than 2.3 crore, Mumbai is the hub of the Mumbai Metropolitan Region, the sixth most populated metropolitan area in the world (23 million). SL Mumbai Legal resolves all kind of Legal problems for organizations facing Legal Disputes such as Bankruptcy, Pro Bono, Constitution Litigation, and many more. The law is important because it acts as a guideline as to what is accepted in society. Without it there would be conflicts between social groups and communities. It is pivotal that we follow them. The law allows for easy adoption to changes that occur in the society.


SL Bangalore Legal

All the SL Legal Branches including the SL Bangalore Legal provides free Legal Consultation to all their clients. We aim to deliver hundred percent client satisfaction.

Bangalore, the capital of Karnataka, is situated in the southeastern region of the state on the Deccan plateau. Bangalore is the third most populous city in India and the fifth largest city overall. All the SL Legal Branches including the SL Bangalore Legal provides free Legal Consultation to all their clients. We aim to deliver a hundred percent client satisfaction. Legal aid can be interpreted as providing impoverished people with free legal representation in any judicial proceedings before a court, tribunal, or other authority. It aims to offer free legal assistance to those in need who are unable to exercise their legal rights.

SL Chandigarh Legal

SL Chandigarh Legal provides professional legal services across a broad range of practice areas, including Corporate, Banking, Business and Trading Mergers and Acquisition, etc.

Chandigarh, the dream city of India’s first Prime Minister, Sh. Jawahar Lal Nehru, was planned by the famous French architect Le Corbusier. Picturesquely located at the foothills of Shivaliks, it is known as one of the best experiments in urban planning and modern architecture in the twentieth century in India. SL Chandigarh Legal provides professional legal services across a broad range of practice areas, including Corporate, Banking, Business, and Trading Mergers and acquisitions, etc. Legal services encompass any services in the administration of any lawsuit or other legal action before any court, other authority, or tribunal, and the provision of advice on any legal topic, as stated in Section 2(c) of the Legal Services Authorities Act, 1987.

SL Chennai Legal

SL Chennai Legal assist with Dispute Resolution practice involving civil, commercial, taxation, criminal and constitutional law, comprises of best Law firms.

On the Coromandel Coast of the Bay of Bengal, Chennai, historically known as Madras, is the state capital of Tamil Nadu in southern India. Chennai, sometimes known as the “Gateway to South India,” is a significant administrative and cultural hub. SL Chennai Legal assist with Dispute Resolution practice involving civil, commercial, taxation, criminal and constitutional law, comprises of best Law firms. It infers giving free legal services to poor people and needy who can’t manage the cost of the services of a legal advisor for the proceedings of a case in any court, council or before an expert.

SL Indore Legal

With 100+ qualified Legal professionals, SL Indore Legal provide high-end quality services to our clients on transactional, advisory, litigation, regulatory, trade, competition and tax matters.

The Indore Smart City is developing as an urban ecosystem with the goal of integrating digital technology, know-how, and resources in order to improve city services, be more responsive to residents, and make the city even more lovable than it already is. With 100+ qualified Legal professionals, SL Indore Legal provide high-end quality services to our clients on transactional, advisory, litigation, regulatory, trade, competition and tax matters. Legal aid may be taken to mean free legal assistance to the poor persons in any judicial proceedings before the Court, Tribunals or any authority. It intends to provide free legal assistance to the poor persons who are not able to enforce the rights given to them by law.

SL Jaipur Legal

SL Ahmedabad Legal

SL Ahmedabad Legal while working with their clients, first manage potential legal risks and then implement the most effective solutions to reduce costly leap.

SL Hyderabad Legal

The team of SL Hyderabad Legal aims to deliver high-end service to all of their clients across practice areas starting from inquiry & investigation stages right up to the Supreme Court of India.

SL Kolkata Legal

SL Pune Legal

Whether your organization is facing a single complex dispute or a portfolio of disputes, SL Pune Legal has vast resources across a wide range of practices and industries available to serve you.

SL Vizag Legal

SL Vizag Legal is hub to all the leading full-service national law firm based in Vizag, India. With a team of dedicated Legal Professionals, the sole concern of our firm is to provide our clients with strategic, innovative, and holistic legal solutions.

13. SL Surat Legal

SL Surat Legal lawyers have an unmatched combination of academic qualifications in sectors including professional matters. Our technical skills and an ahead of the curve mindset, allows us to deliver high-value services to our clients.

14. SL Coimbatore Legal

SL Coimbatore Legal is a leading full-service national law firm based in Coimbatore, India. With a team of highly skilled legal experts, the sole concern of our firm is to provide our clients with authentic legal services.

15. SL Kanpur Legal

SL Kanpur Legal anticipate and resolve our client’s composite legal challenges with relevant perspectives and highly tailored solutions in the legal sector.

16. SL Raipur Legal

SL Raipur Legal is a one stop for all the legal worries of a startup, be it contract management, due diligence, our team of professional Lawyers make sure to serve high-end quality services to our clients.

17. SL Kochi Legal

SL Kochi Legal offers Expert Legal Services from Experienced law partners. You can Book your Legal Consultation appointment completely for FREE.

18. SL Lukhnow Legal

Looking for a Lawyer in Lucknow? SL Lukhnow Legal is your stop. We have a team of experienced professional Lawyers with years of experience in Legal Field.

19. SL Varanasi Legal

SL Varanasi Legal Connects you to powerful insights from our network of skilled legal partners. With our compliance framework , we allows clients to learn in a structured and transparent way.

20. SL Goa Legal

You can find skilled Lawyers, high-end Attorneys, professional Legal Aid and all sorts of Legal Services in Goa with SL Goa Legal network.

21. SL Kozhikode Legal

SL Kozhikode Legal is one of the Best Law Firm in Kozhikode, India. We assist our clients with all kinds of legal matters including Intellectual Property Services, Legal Research and Drafting and much more.

22. SL Nashik Legal

SL Nashik Legal is a leading law network consisting of best law partners from all over the Maharashtra. Our skilled Lawyers offers transactional, regulatory, advisory and dispute resolution.

23. SL Salem Legal

SL Salem Legal offers best Legal Services from Experienced Attorneys. We’ve a team of professional Lawyers who have been providing quality services to the clients from a very long period of time.

24. SL Thiruvananthapuram Legal

Get advice from professionals in the Legal Field. Find effective solutions for your needs. Honest, Professional Legal Advice & Guidance to cater for your requirements with SL Thiruvananthapuram Legal network.

25. SL Madurai Legal

SL Madurai Legal is a business that employs lawyers to represent clients or argue in court. We’ve our Legal network all over the India. For any professional legal work like Bankruptcy services or Document Review, you can directly contact us.

26. SL Legal Jodhpur

SL Legal Jodhpur is a leading law firm in India providing strategic and innovative legal solutions to corporates, businesses and institutions.

27. SL Gaziabad Legal

SL Gaziabad Legal is one of the best legal network for consumer laws advocate in Gaziabad. We provide legal services for consumer protection, consumer rights, consumer law cases etc.

28. SL Gurugram Legal

SL Gurugram Legal is one of the Best Law firms in India with Legal Consultants for Banking Finance, Dispute Resolution, Taxation, Defence, Health, Restructuring, Labor Law, etc.

29. SL Faridabad Legal

SL Faridabad Legal advises clients all over the North India on Indian law, in relation to their transactional goals, business strategies and resolution of disputes.

30. SL Navi Mumbai Legal

SL Navi Mumbai Legal believes in being the preferred law firm for our clients by offering consistent results to them. The Firm’s dynamic legal team has strong expertise across a wide range of corporate laws.

31. SL Aurangabad Legal

SL Aurangabad Legal who are solution oriented with emphasis on quality to best help our clients. Our focus are always to work on bringing down unnecessary or avoidable legal costs through innovation and forward thinking.

32. SL Nagpur Legal

SL Nagpur Legal is a network for law firm in India providing international quality Indian law advice to domestic and international clients. Whilst our expertise extends to all sectors, we specialise in infrastructure, shipping, insurance, energy, financial services, healthcare, retail, media, IT and commodities.

33. SL Bhuvneshwar Legal

SL Bhuvneshwar Legal focus on banking & finance, corporate commercial, debt capital markets, dispute resolution, insolvency and restructuring, projects & infrastructure and regulatory matters.

34. SL Jabalpur Legal

SL Jabalpur Legal have a robust practice for dispute resolution which helps us service our clients on contentious matters as well.

35. SL Solapur Legal

SL Solapur Legal is a network for one of the best corporate law firms in India which provides top commercial legal advice and services.

36. SL Kakinada Legal

SL Kakinada Legal is a network of Top Lawyers in Kakinada, India for Legal Issues. This network has the potential to create social impact with its team of committed, creative and dedicated lawyers.

37. SL Belagavi Legal

SL Belagavi Legal is a renowned law network in Belagavi, India. Our team of top lawyers have extensive knowledge and vast experience in the Legal Field and has been known for winning complex cases.

38. SL Gwalior Legal

SL Gwalior Legal is a Law network providing broad range of legal services and facilities to its clients of all types from individuals, entrepreneurs, or corporate. We provide all types of legal services like constitutional litigation, arbitration and ADR, etc.

39. SL Bhopal Legal

SL Bhopal Legal is one of the Northern India’s foremost full service law firm based in Bhopal, India. The firm offers a range of all kind of services like litigation, due diligence, pro bono, etc.

40. SL Udaipur Legal

SL Udaipur Legal is a full-service law firm with a few of the most renowned lawyers of Udaipur High Court. Our philosophy is to provide the best services to our clients in the legal field.

41. SL Ludhiana Legal

SL Ludhiana Legalis one of the top corporate law networs in Ludhiana, India which acts as a recourse for almost all the needy ones. We are having a team of shrewd and high skilled Lawyers having years of experience in the legal field.

42. SL Bhatinda Legal

Businesses find it difficult to be in the position of being completely immune from certain legal liabilities and our team of lawyers at SL Bhatinda Legal works hard to limit such liabilities. Not only do we provide services that relate to the registration and the formation of the company but we also help in managing every legal affair efficiently.

43. SL Agra Legal

SL Agra Legal team of lawyers has vast experience in representing clients before the Debt Recovery Tribunal (DRT), National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT), and Company Law Appellate Tribunal (NCLAT).

44. SL Ajmer Legal

SL Ajmer Legal is a legal network of top rated corporate lawyer in Ajmer, India. You can contact us for drafting your company’s contracts, agreements, startup advice, mergers & acquisitions.

45. SL Amritsar Legal

SL Amritsar Legal provides free Legal Consultation with the Best Lawyer in Amritsar High Court. All types of cases are handled including Criminal Defense, DRT, Property & Real Estate, Service Matter, NRI, Child Custody, etc.

46. SL Kohima Legal

SL Kohima Legal is a Law network for Startups and Growth Companies. Our Expertise includes Litigation, Contract Drafting, Technology, Intellectual Property, etc.

47. SL Kota Legal

The matters at Kota, India are handled by our local lawyers who are well-versed in the local laws of the city. SL Kota Legal team provides all the requisite legal, technical, and back-end assistance and support to our clients. Our lawyers represent clients at all levels of courts, tribunals, forums and other authorities.

48. SL Madurai Legal

SL Madurai Legal team of India Law Offices provides a comprehensive legal support in diverse areas of corporate law, labor and employment, real estate, family and inheritance law.

49. SL Mangaluru Legal

SL Mangaluru Legal is known for its extensive knowledge and experience in local regulations and for its expertise in handling matters from all areas of law. We have helped various corporates & private clients in some highly complicated and complex legal matters in Mangaluru.

50. SL Namchi Legal

SL Namchi Legal is a client centric law firm with a aim to make legal services accessible to everyone. Our lawyers in Namchi, India encourages personal interaction with the clients in order to know their legal issues and solve them efficiently.

51. SL Rourkela Legal

SL Rourkela Legal lawyers in Rourkela, India Exhibit top level of professionalism, culture and utmost transparency in dealings to ensure a client’s rights are fully protected.

52. SL Shivamogga Legal

SL Shivamogga Legal Advocates in Shivamogga, India spend’s their time and resources, making it easier for our clients to get the legal help they need while they focus on their essential matters of personal and professional life.

53. SL Rajkot Legal

SL Rajkot Legal is a law network of one of the most reputed legacy law firms of India. As one of the key solicitor firms in Rajkot, SL Rajkot Legal offers a gamut of services ranging from due diligence to compliances.

54. SL Thanjavur Legal

SL Thanjavur Legal is a law network where lawyers believe in result-oriented work and building long-term association with our clients in India and worldwide.Every scope of work is well-structured and made known to the client in the most simplified manner.

55. SL Warangal Legal

SL Warangal Legal empathetic team of lawyers in Warangal, India consider a client’s problems as their own, so it is our responsibility to never compromise on quality and deliver the perfect service as per client’s requirements.

56. SL Jamnagar Legal

SL Jamnagar Legal is a law network in Jamnagar, India. It is known for helping clients in avoiding their problems and resolving them if any arises. We are a team of young, strong & energetic lawyers in Jamnagar whose main focus is on getting justice for their clients.

57. SL Siliguri Legal

SL Siliguri Legal offers unparalleled legal expertise across a comprehensive range of practice areas that are critical to the business needs of our Clients. All the associates have wide experience of dealing with matters in all the areas of the practice of the firm.

58. SL Patna Legal

SL Patna Legal is a leading law firm in Patna, India that provides a spectrum of legal services to its domestic and international clients, which include multinational public and private companies and other corporate entities.

59. SL Mysore Legal

SL Mysore Legal has a dedicated team of professionals including lawyers, Intellectual property experts, technical experts, chartered accountants and Information technology consultants, with the specific industry expertise, resources and commitment required to meet all client requirements.

60. SL Shimla Legal

SL Shimla Legal is a full service law network based in Shimla, India with specialists in Corporate Law, Civil and Criminal Litigation, Employment Law, Data Protection, Mergers & Acquisitions/Private Equity and Intellectual Property. We have a strong team of lawyers and chartered accountants headed by our Founder & Managing Partner, Mr. Shishir Gupta.

61. SL Tumakuru Legal

SL Tumakuru Legal is a law network which is headed by our most honourable and distinguished reputed personnel Mr. Shishir Gupta who has a team of Advocates of Supreme court of India, Delhi High Court and various District Courts, forums and tribunals of Delhi.

62. SL Ujjain Legal

SL Ujjain Legal has an iexperience of the legal industry with efficient lobby and irrefutable liaising across the nation and in gulf countries. The network is shielded by Mr. Shishir Gupta along with his team of efficient lawyers to fix all litigation and legal obstacles.

63. SL Kolhapur Legal

SL Kolhapur Legal has a perfectly structured organised team of skilled experts who makes sure growth for any litigation or business transactions. This network has a strong believe that each client is novel, therefore, every lawyer gives a very professional commitment at its best.

64. SL Vadodara Legal

Lawyers For Criminal Case, Property Disputes Lawyer, Rera Disputes, Property Legal Advice. Need Expert Legal Guidance! Get on call with SL Vadodara Legal Lawyers. We’ve a team of senior most reputed lawyers

65. SL Vellore Legal

Contact SL Vellore Legal now to Consult With top Lawyer Near you with Affordable Consultation Fees. We are Specialized in Mutual Consent Divorce, Contested Divorce, Child Custody.

66. SL Guntur Legal

SL Guntur Legal team works in close concert with other practice areas like tax, renewable energy, etc. to deliver an all-encompassing service to its clients, thus placing us as one of the top amongst the eminent list of law firms in Guntur, India for legal related services.

67. SL Noida Legal

SL Noida Legal is a legal network of the various law firm is up to snuff placing it amongst one of the best law firms in Noida. The firm’s capabilities encompass a wide array of practices including Designs, Copyrights, Trademarks, etc.

68. SL Greater Noida Legal

SL Greater Noida Legal is led by leading lawyers Greater Noida. It is reputed for rendering practical and proactive advisory services to organizations that fine-tune the balance between organizational goals and individual aspirations, making it one of the most coveted solicitor firms in Greater Noida.

69. SL Thane Legal

SL Thane Legal has some of the best corporate lawyers in Thane, India to render its strategically designed range of advisory, liaison and compliance/governance related services.

70. SL Bhilai Legal

SL Bhilai Legal covers the field of competitive law, banking and finance, family business, corporate and commercial law, capital market, RIETs & INVITs; making it one of the top corporate law firms Bhilai, India.

71. SL Cuttak Legal

SL Cuttak Legal is amongst the few legal firms in Cuttak, India, that offer a comprehensive fund advisory and consultancy service. Its expert services are extended in areas of Project Finance, debt structuring and restructuring, private equity, venture capital P2P funding etc. placing it at as one of the top law firms in Cuttak, India.

72. SL Bhavnagar Legal

SL Bhavnagar Legal one of the leading law network for legal firms in Bhavnagar, India. In alignment with the exponentially growing tech industry, we offer dynamic assistance to tech companies in compliance.

73. SL Dehradun Legal

Additionally, since Tech Law hangs together with Intellectual Property matters in most cases and as one of the leading law network in Dehradun, SL Dehradun Legal also extends its expertise towards maintaining good relationships with the companies and assisting them to venture into new areas of investment, innovation and sales.

74. SL Gaya Legal

The M&A team of SL Gaya Legal offers advice on the full range of public and private M&A transactions with proven virtuosity in complex cross-border deals, domestic transactions and strategic joint ventures, making it one of the go-to law firms in Gaya for M&A advisory and consultancy.

75. SL Jalgaon Legal

SL Jalgaon Legal’s Tax vertical team comprises of industry specialist and corporate lawyers in Jalgaon that offer a comprehensive range of legal solutions to address their client’s local as well as international Tax requirements designed to optimize their business objective.

76. SL Bareily Legal

Apart from carving its niche as one of the best corporate law firms in Bareily, SL Bareily Legal also houses an impressive Dispute resolution team. It has a local and nationwide practice base, utilizes the talents of its lawyers in Bareily across all forums including the Bareily High Court, district courts, tribunals etc.

77. SL Gorakhpur Legal

The Government, Regulatory and Compliance vertical of the Firm is a multi-professional team comprising of attorneys and chattered accountants that are well versed in legal compliance implementation in the country with decades of experience, thereby making it the most congruous and holistic law network for legal firms in Gorakhpur, India.

78. SL Ambattur Legal

The Infrastructure and Energy practice of SL Ambattur Legal stands nip and tuck with the best law firms in Ambattur owing to the carefully crafted range of services; from pre-bidding support to assistance in banking and finance matters, extended to instrumental Government agencies and private sector players.

79. SL Jammu Legal

SL Jammu Legal is law network amongst the few law firms in Jammu, that offers a diverse cross-functional renewable energy team offering all-encompassing in-depth experience.

80. SL Tirupati Legal

SL Tirupati Legal is a well-known law firm for its quality services, loyalty towards the client and sincere understanding of different aspects of laws. Our team is known for their varied knowledge and expertise in efficiently handling even the most complicated matters.

81. SL Allahbad Legal

Our SL Allahbad Legal provides an expansive legal support in various areas of law, such as corporate law including M&As, Joint Venture, setting up a branch office, liaison office etc, immigration laws including OCI, Obtaining Visas, PCC etc, labor laws, family and inheritance laws including divorce, adoption, domestic violence etc.

82. SL Meerut Legal

Our team has an expertise in cases of cheque bounce, suits for recovery, partition, custody, Rent Control etc. SL Meerut Legal also assists in, drafting and registration of Wills and all types of Agreements and Contracts, Mutation of Property, Freehold of Property etc. and various other regulatory compliances.

83. SL Asansol Legal

All the matters at Asansol, India are efficiently managed by our team of local experienced lawyers who are well-acquainted with the customary practices, local laws and regulations of the city.

84. SL Bhavnagar Legal

The SL Bhavnagar Legal team works under the guidance and supervision of our team of advocates provides the legal, technical, and back-end support lawyers at Bhavnagar as & when needed.

85. SL Bhatpatra Legal

Our highly skilled legal experts, experienced attorneys represent clients at all levels of courts, tribunals, forums and other authorities in Bhatpatra.Our team is known for their varied knowledge and expertise in efficiently handling even the most complicated matters.

86. SL Borivali Legal

SL Borivali Legal is one of the best law network for law firms in Borivali. They advise leading companies and financial institutions on a wide range of complex corporate and business.

87. SL Tirunelveli Legal

SL Tirunelveli Legal is one of the well-known law network in Tirunelveli. We specialises in the dynamics of circumstances that lead to the outsourcing of corporate legal processes.

88. SL Malegaon Legal

SL Malegaon Legal is a general practice law network, we provide a wide variety of legal services to clients in need. Our legal team is experts in a variety of legal services, from drafting, pleading, reporting and pre-trial practice to trial.

89. SL Akola Legal

We have extensive knowledge of legal drafting and pleading in all types of cases and proceedings in the courts. SL Akola Legal team has worked in the fields of corporate and business consulting, investment management and policy interpretation.

90. SL Belgaum Legal

SL Belgaum Legal offers unparalleled legal expertise across a comprehensive range of practice areas that are critical to the business needs of our Clients.Our services will protect you and your family during difficult times.

91. SL Korba Legal

SL Korba Legal expertise are General Corporate and Dispute Resolution, Mergers & Acquisitions and Intellectual Property. Our lawyers represent clients at all levels of courts, tribunals, forums and other authorities.

92. SL Bokaro Legal

SL Bokaro Legal is a multi-specialty law network in Bokaro that serves customers from a wide range of industries and practice areas. Through seasoned teams across offices, SL Bokaro Legal adds value to all of its interactions.

93. SL Jhansi Legal

SL Jhansi Legal is made up of teams that used to work for other well-known Indian law companies. SL Jhansi Legal’s partners have advised domestic and foreign clients on a variety of complicated legal issues, and their relationships with these clients have grown over time.

94. SL Guwahati Legal

SL Guwahati Legal frequently counsels clients on civil and criminal disputes, regulatory and white collar offences, arbitrations, corporate advising, mergers and acquisitions, private equity, and real estate.

95. SL Amravati Legal

SL Amravati Legal is a law network of Law Firm who provides advice on corporate compliance to small, medium and large corporations post incorporating their companies in India.

96. SL Sangli Legal

The compliance team at SL Sangli Legal is headed by experienced corporate lawyers, company secretaries and chartered accountants who have gained expertise and experience to handle compliance issues and provide easy solutions and periodic assessment of the compliance requirements.

97. SL Jamshedpur Legal

SL Jamshedpur Legal, one of the leading criminal law firms in Jamshedpur, India, has a diligent team which is proficient in handling criminal law cases with respect to marriage and help its clients meet the ends of justice.

98. SL Raigarh Fort Legal

SL Raigarh Fort Legal expert lawyers meet the exigencies of criminal law practice and have the right acumen and experience to deal with the same. They have the right mindset to decode a complex criminal lawsuit.

99. SL Vijaywada Legal

SL Vijaywada Legal, a leading criminal law network in Vijaywada, India specialises in all kinds of criminal law practice involving different issues like cyber issues, economic offenses, offenses related to marriage, bail and plea bargaining, IP fraud, among others. We provide timely, cost-effective, approachable solutions to the clients.

100. SL Ludhiana Legal The firm has professionals comprising of Advocates, Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries and other professionals from various disciplines to provide a wide-range of services to the corporate world. The firm is a rich blend of experienced and youthful professionals.
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