Transforming agriculture sector and uplifting farmers

agritech startups

Yes, you heard it right!!! Some of our entrepreneurs have passionately targeting the root of our economy i.e. Agriculture. India is the second-largest producer of agricultural products with 7.39% of global GDP output. With this success comes a lot of issues our farmers are facing and Indian Entrepreneurs have left no page unturned to provide the best solutions with the latest technology and knowledge they have gained.

We have around 535 agritech startups in India. Agritech companies raised $ 248 million until June 2019, which was only $ 73 million in 2018, according to NASSCOM. Let’s take a view of how entrepreneurs are using robotics, AI, IOT, etc to evolve the agriculture:

Ninjacart: this Bengaluru based B2B startup is the largest tech-driven supply chain platform connecting farmers with the kiranas and businesses. It was founded by Thirukumaran Nagarajan and Vasudevan Chinnathambi in 2015. Recently it launched the “Harvest The Farms” initiative which will help farmers to find their fresh produce to directly sell to consumers. The startup raised $100Mn in its last Series C funding round from Tiger Global.

CropIn:a “full-Stack Agritech company that provides smart Saas based solutions to agribusinesses. The company has a global presence with its expansion in South East Asia, Europe, Africa, and America. It was founded by Krishna Kumar, Kunal Prasad, and Chittaranjan Jena in 2010. In its latest round of Series B funding it raised $8Mn. It claims to use Big Data analytics, AI and remote sensing to analyze data for Agri processors, distributors, providers, insurers, etc. It is also building a dataset to detect patterns and predict the future of a variety of crops.

Gold Farm: founded by Abhilash Thirupathy and Karthic Ravindranath in 2016 to provide farmers access to book any farm equipment through a mobile application. 

AgroWave:it’s an e-vendor of fruits and vegetables serving small and medium businesses directly from farmers. It uses data analytics to match demand and supply. Anu Meena founded this company with an aim to eliminate middlemen and providing the best prices to farmers.

Fasal: providing Climate-smart data-driven agriculture solutions to increase the productivity of farms. It recently raised $1.6Mn in a seed funding round, planning to use the model with a mix of IoT & SaaS in the horticulture value chain. It is targeting high-value horticulture crops by cost-cutting and increasing profitability.

Airwood: it is a agri-production management and data science company. It provides farm-related technology, gadgets, and expertise to farmers to increase the yield. This Chennai based Agri tech company founded by Vivek Rajkumar won The Economic Times Startup award in the Social Enterprise category.

EM3 Agri Services: It was founded by Rohtash Mal. It mainly focuses on solutions for farm productivity. It also provides mechanization services for a complete cultivation cycle with affordable farm technology services, majorly targeting small farmers. It offers a range of global farm equipment from the laser-leveling machine to the MB Plough for deep plowing.

Intello Labs:It was founded in 2016 by Milan Sharma, Nishant Mishra, Himani Shah, and Devendra Chandani. It provides an image-based solution for the quality monitoring of agricultural commodities. It works through an app to reduce value risk and wastage in the supply chain. It raised $2Mn in its seed round.

Gobasco: provides a solution to complex supply chains in agriculture. Founded by Vedant and Abhishekin 2017. It basically focuses on procurement optimization and yield prediction solutions using AI technologies. In its last round it received the funding from Matrix Partners.

Therefore, Entrepreneurs are trying every technology and technique to uplift the farmers and transforming agriculture. Agriculture is the backbone for any country needed to be addressed constructively. Entrepreneurs are taking the grand challenges of agriculture and converting them into big opportunities. They are not only helping every section of farmers but also providing employment and huge revenue to the country.