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truMe is a startup co-founded by Pramod Uniyal, Gold member of StartupLanes.

Mobico Comodo Private Limited, a technology products company, was founded in Oct. 2016 in anticipation of the growing need throughout the urban world for a secure and convenient tool for identity and access management. They are passionate about technology and have worked upon several of them to fine-tune a platform that works across a multitude of identity and access management products.

“Every person in the world owns a digital identity, hosted on truMe”

“To be the platform of choice for the businesses and the establishments across the globe for identity and access management”

Technology is changing the world they inhabit in an explosive variety of ways, at a pace hitherto unseen. In the rapidly urbanizing world, security for the businesses and organizations and privacy and convenience of access for the users of their services has emerged as a key concern. These needs will grow exponentially with the rapid urbanization on one hand and the spread of technology on the other.

They have developed a supremely secure IoT platform on which a variety of products can be mounted to meet the identity and access needs of both the businesses/organizations and users in a targeted manner. The platform is known as “truMe”.

Mobico owns the patent on truMe platform under section 11A (3) of the Patents (Amendment) Act 2005 and rule 24 of The Patents (Amendment) Rules, 2006 (Mobico’s patent over truMe (patent No.201711029738 A) was published in the Patent Office Journal No. 09/2019 Dated 01/03/2019).

truMe is a global platform for Identity and Access Management that delights the users while providing true security, real-time visibility and power of analytics to the establishments. truMe is an IoT based platform that gives an establishment real-time configurable Access regime, central visibility, differential access, multiple authentication options, customized reports & analytics. To the users, truMe brings in a new world of security, privacy, and convenience.

They have mounted a number of products on truMe platform. They offer the following broad solutions:
 State-of-the-art Visitor Management System
  Meeting Rooms Management System
  Access Management System 
  Parking/ vehicle access management
  Friction-free Time & Attendance Management for employees
 eKYC
 Customer authentication

In all the above cases, truMe achieves the following for an Enterprise/ business:
1. Employees, temp staff and visitors, all on one platform
2. Need-Based Access Environment
3. Real-time and central visibility on all access events inside the building
4. Real-time reports and analytics for the Building Manager
5. Great flexibility to write and modify access rules real-time
6. Blocking of unwanted elements and specific locations for specified periods.
7. Differential access and/ or multi-level authentication wherever required
8. Customized reports & data analytics
9. In-built Emergency Response System
10. Saving cost on:
i) Manpower
ii) Maintenance of expensive legacy hardware
iii) Recurring expense on RFID cards & printing slip

Pramod N Uniyal
Co-founder & CEO,
Mobico Comodo Private Limited (truMe)

Pramod is a man of many parts. He has received an eclectic education – Business.
Administration, Humanities, and Sciences. His education continues, with 200 plus weeks of training in various subjects of interest so far. His tryst with eclecticism informs work experience as well – from managing business for a large organization to entrepreneurship (private sector) and from internal security to Social Security Administration (government).

Pramod has made a career switch thrice – from a semi-police organization to civil service than to real estate development and now to IT products. Entrepreneurship came late to him but he is enjoying every bit of it and has great ambition for his venture, truMe.

He is always on the look-out for new learning opportunities, be it through structured learning initiatives, a path-breaking idea/ book or new hobbies/ interests.
He is conscious about initiating fresh value accretive processes/ interventions every now and then, infusing energy and purpose into his team and contributing to excellence in and growth of the organization and the people therein.

He has varied interests – traveling, reading, writing, golf, billiards, rafting, mountaineering, horse riding, swimming, badminton, basketball.

He has rich experience in running business in India. Prior to truMe, Mobico was a partner & COO in Tribeca, a real-estate company that has brought the Trump brand to India. He has also put in about 7 years with DLF, managing various geographies through two business cycles. In Delhi, he was managing a portfolio of 12 million sq. ft. of residential and commercial projects, about half of them under construction. He was deeply involved in all aspects of business, from design, development and regulatory approvals to marketing, sale and customer service.

As Business Head, Indore, he had P&L responsibility for a 200-acre township and managed the second phase of 2.7 million sq. ft. right from the conception to delivery. He had also worked on projects in Mumbai, Kolkata, and Bhubaneswar, evaluating business opportunities, actively managing business plans, monitoring operations, structuring & executing deals, negotiating contracts and managing the decision-making process with top management.

Before entering the private sector, he had put in about 13 years as a civil servant with various organizations in the Government of India. His last posting was as Regional Commissioner, South Delhi for EPFO.

He has had an eclectic education in science, humanities, and management. He received his MBA from the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad.

Products & Services

1. Visitor Management System:

truMe Identity & Access Management System helps the client address all the issues related to the safety of the office complex, without compromising the convenience and privacy of the visitors. truMe also reduces the need for security manpower, resulting in significant cost saving. 
Managing visitors made easy with truMe. Streamline the check-in process to create a delightful experience for your visitors, and save time to focus on other aspects of your business

A. Visitors’ Registration:

truMe offers several options to the visitor/ Client:

1. Visitor can register himself on a self-registration tablet placed at the reception

2. A receptionist can register the visitor on truMe Reception Module Installed on the desktop/ laptop

3. The office can send an invite to the visitor in advance

4. An employee can invite her guest on truMe App 

In all the above-mentioned methods, the visitor receives an SMS carrying a QR code on her phone. If the visitor does not have a smartphone, she can register at the self-registration tablet/ Reception Module and can print her pass. 

B. Visitors’ Access:

Invited Visitors: The visitors invited in advance by the office or an employee has a digital pass (QR code/ QR scanner) on her phone. As the visitor reaches the reception, she checks in by scanning the QR code at the truMe tablet placed at reception. Her relevant data-name, phone number, photograph, identity doc, name of the host, etc. come on record of the office. The host gets a notification/request for approval on his app.

C. Walk-in Visitors:

The visitors register themselves on the truMe tablet/ desktop at reception. As the registration is completed, the host employee gets a notification on his App. An employee can approve or decline the visit. 

2. Meeting Room Management

truMe simplifies the complexity of Identity and Access Management (IAM) for Meetings Rooms by integrating mail clients with truMe platform, ensuring a seamless experience from booking to access to usage. 

With unique solution for Meeting Rooms, help increase employee productivity while ensuring security through single sign-on and multiple interfaces for authentication. 

truMe empowers employees by offering meeting room security access that connects your people with the right rooms and resources. You can now use only one centralized platform to both secure and manage your meeting rooms, at one go. The same platform can take care of the need for larger Access Management as well – at reception lobby, across different floors, buildings, and even campuses spread across the globe. With one integrated software, it becomes so easy to operate that User can change access rules; adjust settings, or even turn on specific features from your dashboard instantly. The changes in the access rules are executed across hundreds of different locations instantly. 

Here’s why you should get truMe for your Meeting Room:   

1. Orderly, uninterrupted and productive use of the Meeting Room spaces

2. Staff books meeting rooms from their O 365/ Gmail directly; No friction

3. Authorized participant in a meeting have updated knowledge of whether the ing has started, the host has come in, who all have joined, etc

4. Meeting room booking and usage status available on a tablet right outside the meeting room resulting in orderly and uninterrupted use of the spaces

5. On a need basis, the meeting room door can be controlled – Only the person/s authorized to enter at a particular time can open the door by scanning a QR code put on the door

6. Admin has complete visibility on the usage of the meeting rooms across office/ locations

7. Geography is no constraint. The solution works globally – one can book a meeting from anywhere;   Admin can have a centralized, real-time report

8. Data analytics and reports on need basis

3. truMe for Business Parks

truMe access management offers various solutions to control and secure access on the basis of pre-verified identity. With the entire process being automated, our robust technology ensures enhanced security and privacy. The power of truMe makes it very easy to manage and maintain visitors’ information, material information and multiple additional information in an organized way. 

Get a comprehensive overview of all your expected, checked-in and checked-out visitors. You get real-time reports and analytics on your dashboard.  The job is to make access management secure, efficient and convenient for you, your employees and your visitors. 

Develop customized access solutions.

a) Multiple options to register a visitor away from location, de-cluttering the lobby

b) Individual office can invite own visitors, reducing load on the option desk

c) Complete visibility on visitors’ movement

4. truMe for Enterprises

Safeguard your information assets with best-in-class truMe Identity and Access Management Solutions. 

Managing and securing information is crucial for every enterprise’s success. With the exponential growth of disruptive technologies, ensuring secured data amenities is more crucial than ever to prevent data theft and security breach. We provide best-in-class Identity and Access Management Solutions to tackle these challenges, securing your sensitive data.

Without proper identity management capabilities in place, your enterprise runs the risk of threat from inside as well as outside. Thankfully, a robust access management system can deter inexperienced hackers from targeting your enterprise. Verified identity is the bedrock of the digital security perimeter, which can thwart most external and internal threats.

 Unlimited Users on one platform

 Central visibility across the globe

 Integration with BMS and other IT systems

5. truMe for Co-working spaces

The demand for flexible workspaces is increasing all around the globe.  Freelancers, independent entrepreneurs,and developers prefer nowadays modern offices – so-called coworking spaces. Yes,it’s more flexible to work in open spaces that are typically modern and often ensure quick and seamless access. 

truMe offers various solutions to help you prevent security breaches. Let them manage your information security, so you can focus on your business. Optimize the balance between security, privacy, and convenience by authentication methods like fingerprints, QR codes and touchless door opening for cabins.  Use access management to enforce contracts and give your tenants a great user experience. 

Make your Co-working space community constantly secure with truMe.

 Complete visibility of multiple locations from one place

 Full visibility on space & time usage by each customer

 Particularly useful in enforcing Agreement in case of small, unconventional users

6. truMe for Offices

With 80% of known breaches being the result of stolen privileged account credentials that have elevated security rights, it’s more critical than ever that you lock down your organization’s privileged user accounts. At truMe, they understand the biggest challenge for corporates is to give the right people the right access to business resources and technology assets. 

truMe gives you global Identity and Access Management solutions to secure access rights for privileged accounts.

Their focus is to give you a complete range of customized solutions. They understand the need to operate from anywhere on any device without any risk. Their philosophy is simple, the more you grow and expand, so do their solutions that expand with you.

 Employees, temp staff, visitors and vendors on the same platform 

 In-built parking access management for employees

 In-built time & attendance management

7. truMe for Defence & government

truMe is an identity and access management system that empowers Defense establishments and the Government organizations to manage access of employees and visitors in a seamless manner. truMe provides a range of interfaces – from QR codes & barcodes to RFID to finger & face biometrics – with mix and match to create multiple levels of authentication for sensitive locations. truMe also provides Visitor Management Systems that can work both in the paper and paperless environment.  

 Deployment on establishments’ own servers

 One, two and three-level authentication available 

 In-built emergency response system

8. truMe for Exhibitions

truMe has the power to make your visitors feel welcome even as it dramatically enhances the security at your exhibitions/ conferences. truMe can be used to create and enforce rules of access within the premises for visitors and temp staff, including differential access and duration based access, creating a need-based access environment. Besides, it enhances productivity, gives you the power of analytics and also comes with an in-built emergency response system.

truMe provides full visibility on the people participating in an event. Managing attendees, contractors or visitors on-premise is very essential in understanding where the security risks are. truMe allows full visibility as well as control of identities along with improved security, privacy, and convenience.  

 Controlled & secure access on the basis of pre-decided access rights

 Organizers can keep tab on the derived by each exhibitor

 Power of data analytics for better targeting 

9. truMe for Education

Identity and Access Management is one of the key security controls which is needed today in every educational institute. They understand, implementing security in school systems, requires addressing several issues that can be very challenging. One of the major concerns being – “Users with multiple roles”. In businesses, corporates, or enterprises while employees can change roles, commonly they have only one role at a time. In school systems, the same person could be a student, teacher, administrator, alumni, or parent.

They could sometimes hold multiple roles at the same time.

In a world where there is an increased need to feel secure in spaces earlier considered safe & secure, truMe realizes that an efficient access management solution is paramount for keeping students, staff, and teachers safe.

truMe enables you to efficiently manage Digital Identities, in a secure and convenient

A) Installation

• University complex installs truMe – Admin Module, Reception Module and/ or Self-

Registration Module, Location QR Codes,and Controllers

• truMe codes in the access rules as framed by the administration

• Employees and students create digital identity on truMe app; can also be issued NFC cards

• Receptionists/ Admin are trained to register visitors/ generate reports

B) Operation

truMe – Identity and Access Management solutions ensure a first-class student (and staff) experience regardless of how diverse and extensive your user base is. They make it possible for students, faculty, and visitors to be on the same platform, irrespective of whether you are responsible for a small pre-school, a private school, or a large university campus. truMe efficiently facilitates the creation of a conducive environment that fosters a student’s interest in learning and a teacher’s passion for sharing. A goal that’s only possible if everyone is present and safe. Secure your educational institution with a secure, efficient and private identity & access management system by collaborating with us to get:

• Unlimited users on one platform with real-time visibility on movement

• Differential access & duration based passes to students, faculty, temp staff on need basis

• Auto-generated customized reports to the central/ local admin

• In-built Emergency Response System to help in case of emergency and Disaster Management

Get enhanced security, end to end encryption, QR access code along with detailed reports and analytics with truMe. So, you can ensure your premises are safe during school hours, and also after school – during sporting events, extra-curricular activities, and while at pick-up and drop-off of your students.

10. truMe for Wellness Centres

As owner of a wellness club, security and facility would be your primary concerns.

Save time and stay organized with a Wellness Centre Access Management platform that allows you to spend less time on administrative tasks and more time helping your club members achieve their goals.

Here’s how truMe can help you secure your Wellness Centres: 

1) truMe allows you to automatically supervise the identity and access of members coming to your club. 

2) You can use truMe to regulate access to different areas or for different service spaces. For e.g. the access of members is restricted to RPM Classes, or Yoga Studio or the Gym area depending on their membership plans

3) The access control supports various technologies like magnetic cards, NFC cards, QR codes, barcodes, and biometric devices.

4) truMe can give you a customized product with features suiting the needs of each center as per the geographic location. 

5) A complete analytics/report allows you to trace all data, to help you take control over the access of the members.

truMe is an IoT based Identity & Access Management Platform. It’s an elegant and cost-effective solution to various access related issues. truMe leverages a number of technologies to create a product that is extremely easy to use both for establishments and individual users. Unlike legacy Access Management Systems, which are standalone and are completely dependent on hardware, truMe is a state-of-the-art platform, which ensures great flexibility to write access rules, gives real-time visibility to access events, and has in-built reporting & data analytics.

Our Identity and Access Management experts help you tackle your various projects, identifying roadblocks, structuring codes, and managing solutions that set you up for long-term success.

Evolve your Identity and Access Management Program with truMe solutions.