Use Case: StartupLanes helped Score Livelihood Foundation

Madhuban Pandey Testimonial

Business Requirement Use Case: StartupLanes Connected Madhuban Pandey to Credible Gold Member

Finding a reliable service provider for your business requirements can be frustrating at times. And even if you find it, there is no surety whether it is going to fulfill your expectations or not. Sometimes it becomes so annoying to make the service provider understand “what you actually want.”

Be its format, content, quality, or quantity there is a lot to explain and a lot to understand. Finding the right match for a customer-seller is always a tough task. It’s not just about dealing. It has many more issues involved like: sometimes service providers agree but there is no turning back from their side which is a “BIG” waste of time; or when there is no reference you can face credibility issues, quality service issues or can be a performance issue, etc. After all, even if everything is perfect, then there comes the problem of “PRICING” which is consistently a massive issue in the market. So basically there is no guarantee that your work will be done on time efficiently and effectively.

I am sharing a use case of StartupLanes in which a frustrated buyer of services got easy connect and satisfactory response from the credible seller from the StartupLanes ecosystem.

Mr. Madhuban Pandey – Co-Founder of SCORE Livelihood Foundation was searching for a company that can help him in designing a brochure for his foundation within a limited period of time and with the same idea which he had in his mind. He couldn’t find the perfect service provider. He was facing a lot of problems with them. Sometimes there was a pricing issue, quality issue, trust issue, some of them were not ready to do it on time or sometimes they were asking for extra price to do it on an urgent basis.

While surfing on LinkedIn, he came to know about StartupLanes. Though he had no idea about StartupLanes, still, he thought of giving it a try because he needed to get his work done as soon as possible. So, he called one of the community managers of StartupLanes and described his problem. The community manager clearly noted his need with each and every minute detail and assured him to connect him with a credible gold member of the StartupLanes ecosystem.

This requirement was circulated among the gold members registered in StartupLanes under the mentioned category of graphic design/contents.

On the same day, StartupLanes got around 4-5 calls to take this lead. One of them was Ramesh from Koidesign which is a Bengaluru based startup. He took this lead and assured Madhuban Pandey to start working on it from the very first day. They got connected over call, Ramesh understood the requirement of Madhuban Pandey and designed the brochure in a very well format.

In the above business use case, Madhuban Pandey got a perfect customer-seller match through StartupLanes, about which he had no clue about it.

Now that you have learned about the buyer-seller match system of StartupLanes, then why to waste time and why to get involved in unnecessary issues, when there is a properly designed ecosystem for fulfilling all the business requirements through our credible gold members who can assure the quality of service and on-time delivery.

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