What are the benefits of SL Startup Eco-system?

SL eco-system is crucial for startups, economy, business, society and nation, in general it is critically important everywhere. The basic objective of StartupLanes is to catalyze innovation, facilitate learning and accelerate growth.

Business Strategist James F. Moore wrote in Harvard Business Review, 1993:

“Successful businesses are those that evolve rapidly and effectively. Yet innovative businesses can’t evolve in a vacuum. They must attract resources of all sorts, drawing in capital, partners, suppliers, and customers to create cooperative networks.”

Small, innovative and flexible companies rely on business eco-systems to grow, by leveraging the opportunities provided by business eco-systems, they are able to place themselves higher in the market, innovate and contribute to new economy. Each startup that is a part of StartupLanes eco-system harness the advantages provided by the eco-system and levering key resources are ways for a company to innovate and co-evolve.

The SL is comprised of companies and individuals who have access to smart resources, insights, thousands of innovators, problem-solvers, and experts. As the imperative of every business is to learn, innovate, and scale up growth, having access to these resources means that businesses can concurrently collaborate and compete. Innovation is often the result of connections across different fields of expertise and collaboration. Powerful new collaboration tools allow individuals to cross the boundaries of communication and foster collaborative approach. Like innovation, it is the same formula for success, you need to have connections and communication with these connections. StartupLanes build bridges across national and regional boundaries, right now there are more than 4000 startups, presence in 40 cities and 7 countries, which is growing fast.