WhatsApp Group for Entrepreneurs in Delhi

Social media is the most popular and helpful medium, to know what your customers need and build a healthy relationship with them. In today’s digital era doing business through social media platforms is becoming more common these days. For entrepreneurs who are scaling up their startups, social media is a boon for them. And WhatsApp is prominent among them.

No matter whether it’s a child or the grandmother of the child, WhatsApp has become a daily addiction of all ages. With 1.5 billion accounts and 450 million daily active users, Whatsapp is the most important medium of digital communication today. If you have a smartphone then you will definitely have a WhatsApp installed.

It’s easy to use and a reliable source of sharing information. And is completely free to use if you have an internet connection. WhatsApp has smart features like voice calling and video calling. You can share document files up to 100Mb in any format be it PDF or Slideshows.

With its smart developed features, WhatsApp is the most used medium of communication today. And that’s why StartupLanes have created the WhatsApp Group for Entrepreneurs. The WhatsApp groups in multiple cities for Entrepreneurs.

What is StartupLanes WhatsApp Group?

StartupLanes is a community of entrepreneurs that operates multiple WhatsApp groups in 40 Cities across 7 Countries. We have more than 4000 entrepreneurs who interact directly with each other in the WhatsApp groups.

We have our WhatsApp Group for Entrepreneurs in Delhi. This group is for entrepreneurs who are willing to expand their network.

You can join our WhatsApp group for Entrepreneurs in Delhi by StartupLanes if you want to be in an eco-system of startups. In fact, you can avail of the benefits and enjoy global networking through our WhatsApp Groups.

StartupLanes has made it easy for all the Entrepreneurs to quickly plugin to the entire SL ecosystem and start communication. You need to fill up this form to be our member: WhatsApp Group for Entrepreneurs

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