Startup Ideas for India (6 to 10)

Feb/9 By

Startup Ideas for India In my previous post about startup ideas for India, I have written about 5 ideas. Now, have a look at 5 more ideas. Healthcare In the


Startup Ideas for India (1 to 5)

Feb/2 By

Startup Ideas for India by Shishir Gupta 1. Energy Startups Energy is the lifeline of people in India. We are a developing country that needs low cost energy for every


Startup Action Plan Overview

Jan/16 By

Startup Action Plan Overview Prime Minister’s some of the action plan points on Startup India are: Self-certification based compliance No inspection for the first three years. Includes self-certified environmental regulation.


Seven Rules of Social Media

Jan/10 By

Wet Floor: Seven Rules of Social Media My friend Tim Fargo has  more than 212000  followers on Twitter and over 9000 connections on LinkedIn, I always wondered about the questions “How did


Failed Startup: Langhar

Jan/9 By

Why Langhar Failed? In October 2013, A 25 years old boy Karanpreet Singh rented a stall at a food festival in Delhi to test his new business plan of selling home-cooked food.


2.5 Billion Smartphones: Big Opportunity for Startups

Jan/4 By

Big Opportunity for Startups As per Ranjit Atwal, The Research Director at Gartner Inc, there are 2.5 billion smartphones in the World. The only market that continues to show growth is

startup india policy

Startup India Policy: Explained

Jan/2 By

Startup India Policy Government of India is coming up for Startup India Policy that will will unveil a blueprint for startups to ease the process of setting up new ventures. I

The Leather Laundry Banner

The Leather Laundry: Review

Dec/30 By

The Leather Laundry: Startup Review The Leather Laundry provides premium laundry services exclusively for leather products. They clean, color, repair, restore and revive everything that is made of leather. They provide laundry


Snapdeal Review

Dec/28 By

Snapdeal Review: Facts & Figures Snapdeal is the fastest growing e-commerce company in India. It is largely driven by the youth, the average age of the workforce at Snapdeal is


Top 100 Startups of India in 2015

Dec/28 By

Top 100 Startups of India in 2015 Here is a list of top 100 Startups of India in year 2015. The research is based upon various surveys and sample picked


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