Startup Ideas for India (11 to 20)

Feb/15 By

Startup Ideas for India In my previous post about startup ideas for India, I have written about 10 ideas. Now, have a look at 10 more ideas. Science Only universities


Startup Ideas for India (1 to 5)

Feb/2 By

Startup Ideas for India by Shishir Gupta 1. Energy Startups Energy is the lifeline of people in India. We are a developing country that needs low cost energy for every


Multi-Vendor Marketplace Explained

Jan/5 By

Understanding Multi-Vendor Marketplace Huge e-commerce portals like Amazon and eBay are some good examples of a multi-vendor marketplace. There are multiple sellers selling their products in these marketplaces and hence


Startup Idea Generator Table

Jan/3 By

Generate Your Startup Idea Below is the table that will help you generate a startup idea and you can also find whether your startup idea is already taken or not?

startup idea

Worth of a Startup Idea

Dec/24 By

Startup Idea: Worth Mark Bruns says:- “So the value of an idea is worth much less than nothing … it’s not unreasonable to suggest that people should be paid for


Funding your million dollar idea

Dec/11 By

Funding your Million Dollar Idea Many people call me everyday for consulting, most of them tell me that they have a million dollar idea that can change the world, but


Startup Idea: Used Mobile Marketplace

Dec/9 By

Startup Idea: Used Mobile Marketplace Selling used mobile phones through a website and mobile app would be a great idea. You can win in the competition with Quickr and Olx

online laundry startup

Startup Idea: Online Laundry Service

Dec/7 By

Startup Idea: Online Laundry Service Buy a front load washing machine. You may place the machine at your home or store. Setup a website that can take orders. Create an

bio-diesel from insects

Startup Idea: Bio-diesel & Paper from Insects

Dec/4 By

Startup Idea: Bio-diesel & Paper from Insects I would like to share a unique startup idea with you. Bio-diesel and paper can be manufactured from organic material i.e. insects. Isn’t

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Ask Question

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You can ask any question related to business, idea or startup. Questions will be answered by Shishir Gupta and other startup entrepreneurs, consultants, mentors, investors and advisors. All the questions


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