• Network: The largest network of Startups present in 56 Cities and 15 Countries, easy to network,and easy to collaborate.
  • Eco-System: A Complete Eco-System with all the required products and services within the system delivered by the SL Group Companies.
  • Gateway: A Gateway to India for Global Startups and the Gateway for Indian Startups to expand Globally.
  • Advisory: Complete support and guidance to the founders through hand-holding by experts.
  • Fundraising: Step by step fundraising process for startups from seed funding to IPO.
  • Cost Effective: We understand that our clients are startups and that is why we offer the lowest price for all our products and services.
  • Domain Expertise: We are expert in the startup domain, the StartupLanes Group is designed for startups
  • Startup: StartupLanes itself is a startup for startups, nobody understands startups better than us.

Talent Distribution

100% / Investment Banking

95% / Startup Consulting

75% / Legal Services

68% / Financial Services

50% / Recruitment

92% / Scale Up/Growth

100% / Technology

45% / Marketing

60% / Quality & Support