AI startup Delv.AI, owned by 16-year-old Pranjali Awasthi raises ₹3.7 crore funding

Sixteen-year-old Indian entrepreneur Pranjali Awasthi, the founder of the artificial intelligence (AI) startup Delv.AI, has achieved a remarkable feat by securing funding of approximately ₹3.7 crore, as reported by Pranjali established Delv.AI in January 2022, and she shared her inspiring journey at a Miami Tech Week event.

Influenced by her engineer father, who encouraged her to delve into computer science from a young age, Pranjali started coding at the tender age of seven. Delv.AI, as described on its LinkedIn profile, comprises a team of up to 10 dedicated employees and specializes in using AI to enhance data extraction processes, eliminating data silos.

The primary mission of Delv.AI, according to Pranjali, is to aid researchers in efficiently accessing specific information within the ever-expanding realm of online content. Her journey took a significant turn when, at the age of 13, she embarked on an internship program at a research lab at Florida International University. Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Pranjali dedicated about 20 hours a week to her internship, delving into machine learning projects.

Her entrepreneurial spirit further flourished as she joined an AI startup accelerator in Miami, led by Lucy Guo and Dave Fontenot of Backend Capital. Notably, Delv.AI’s beta launch on Product Hunt garnered exceptional success. The startup received investments from On Deck and Village Global, currently holding a valuation of $12 million. Pranjali juggles responsibilities encompassing coding, operations, and customer service at Delv.AI, temporarily postponing her college education to nurture her burgeoning company. However, she aspires to pursue higher education in the future to acquire essential business skills for her company’s growth.

Delv.AI, owned by the talented 16-year-old Pranjali Awasthi, is making waves in the tech world. They have recently secured an impressive funding of approximately ₹3.7 crore and are becoming a major player in the AI industry. Sending my best wishes to Pranjali and the Delv.AI team! 

~ Dr Shishir Gupta founder & CEO of StartupLanes 

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