Boston is the capital city of Massachusetts. It is the largest city famous for its baked beans, The Boston Marathon, and Fenway Park. The city has a large market size owing to its population and culture. The major industries in the city include finance, high-technology research, and development, tourism, medicine, etc.

Why Boston is a place for startups?

The presence of great talent and the workforce makes it a great place for startups. The large collection of universities and colleges and tech-rich talent is a plus point for the city. The government support and opportunities for startups are there in Boston.

The availability of resources and connections is a vital element that fosters the growth of startups and businesses. The MassChallenege Business Accelerator Program located in Boston helps entrepreneurs to avail themselves of the resources for their startups.

What are the tech-startups in Boston?

Boston is the top spot in the U.S. for startups. It is the third-fastest growing tech-hub. The best tech-hubs in Boston are:

DraftKings: It is an innovative sports-tech and media entertainment platform. Founded in 2012, it is the best platform for people to get closer to their favorite sports.
Toast: Founded in 2011, it is a cloud-based system built specifically for restaurants.
Algorand: Founded in 2017, this tech-startup is based in Boston. It is an open-source software company that is first-of-its-kind. Rocket Insights: It is a product design and development agency, founded in 2015. It is spread in locations like New York City and Newburyport, Massachusetts.
Dispatch Technologies: It is a tech company that provides the software. The company is focused on modernizing the home service experience.
Social Fulcrum: It is an advertising agency that is growing rapidly. The agency focuses on Facebook and Instagram campaigns.

Who are the Angel Investors Groups in Boston?

Boston has a wide range of Angel Investors. Among them the top Angel Investors in Boston are:

Hub Angels: It is an Angels Investment Group that has done seed and early-stage venture investments. The oldest angel groups in the Boston area has invested in companies like DraftKings, Mobee, Zipcar, CircleLending, and Incentive Targeting( acquired by Google).

Boston Harbor Angels: The group has invested in around 70 high growth, early-stage companies. Their portfolio includes tech companies such as Pixability, PowerPlay, GateRocket, and Oculis.

Converge Venture Partners: The group portfolio includes well-known tech companies such as Apperian, Harmonix, and Insight Squared. They have mostly invested in tech startups only.

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