Assam is popularly known for its wildlife, archeological sites and tea plantations. The great majority of Assam’s people live in rural areas. The increasing population in the state’s urban areas reflects not only the growth of industries and the expansion of commercial activity.

Guwahati capital city of Assam is a sprawling city situated beside the Brahmaputra River in Assam. The city is full of beautiful landscapes, pleasant climate, and modern shopping areas. Guwahati has a considerably developed social infrastructure and modern apartments.

With the availability of resources, the city has many evolving Startups. DigitalAnt which is an e-learning platform for digital marketing is one fine exampleTheir courses are job oriented but the company claims to have entrepreneurship modules, in case you are not interested in jobs. Motohut is another example of a startup in Assam. This startup is doing well in the city as people in Guwahati love traveling. 

Guwahati is also indulged in international trade as well as import and export as it is the best place for it. For example, the BlueWhale app which aims to make import and exports of goods and services easy and reliable. This app provides services of international trade and trade within the country.

Assam government is also providing a helping hand with initiatives like Startup Assam to young entrepreneurs. Startup Assam’s vision is to create a platform for entrepreneurs to connect to Angels and Venture Capitalists, Mentors and Industry experts. They want to create a problem-solving ecosystem where startups can get easy access to resources, evolve and co-exist.

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