Willing to talk to our CEO?

We can schedule a call for you.
An automated call scheduling system is implemented at StartupLanes.

Please go through the process before booking the call, as depicted in the figure below:


  1. Identify the topic of discussion before booking the call. For instance, you may wish to get your idea validated, in such case you may prepare a note on paper so that you don’t forget anything during the call. In another example, you may wish to get your startup evaluated for the fundraising purpose, in that case you should prepare a note with necessary details like last month revenue, traction till date etc.
  2. Visit the Call Booking page by clicking the “Book Call Now” image at the bottom of this page or this link: Book a Call with CEO.
  3. Make Payment through our Payment Gateway if you are located in India. International Callers may book through the international platform: Clarity.fm
  4. Callers from India may pick a time slot from the available slots. The online calendar of our CEO will open, pick a suitable time slot. If you can’t find any time slot suitable, then you may drop a line to StartupLanes support for cancellation and refund of your payment. International callers should suggest three suitable time slots as per their convenience, our CEO will pick one and confirm it through email. International callers should dial our US number (free through Skype), there shall be a conference call that will be recorded and monitored for quality. Do remember to check the ratings & testimonials and write one after the call. Shishir Gupta (CEO of StartupLanes) is rated among top 15 in the World for VC & Angel Investment Consulting.
  5. Please confirm the time slot. If you need to change the time of call, you may easily do it through the link in the confirmation email.
  6. Please be ready at the time of call. Callers from India will receive a call directly from our CEO. International callers will have to dial our US number for the conference.