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DigVetS is a start-up for Animals, Animal lovers & Dairy farmers which is helping dairy farmers by providing a wide range of services. DigVetS is incubated by Indian Veterinary Research Institute (IVRI) under Navodaya-2020 scheme. DigVetS is managed & run by a team of highly qualified Agri-Business professionals & veterinarians.

Vision of DigVetS – “A complete digital platform for animals where every need is fulfilled”

Mission of DigVetS – “We provide a complete solution to animal lovers which make comfortable life to an animal”

Objective of DigVetS – “Develop an eco-system for the dairy industry for ease of life for animals as well as animal owners”

This is an idea startup having exciting valuation that can offer a very high upside.

Please watch the Demo Day Recording of DigVets

Who can Invest?

  • -> Any person willing to invest minimum Indian Rupees 50,000 (fifty thousand) or more for idea stage and Indian Rupees 1 lakh or more for revenue stage.
  • -> Minimum income of Indian Rupees 6,00,000 (six lakhs) per annum and above as per last Income Tax return. For individuals earning income in other currencies may convert to Indian Rupees and check.
  • -> Any representative of a Company or Fund willing to invest minimum Indian Rupees 5,00,000 (five lakhs) or above in each startup.


  • -> Please watch the Demo Day Video Recording
  • -> Fill up the commitment form to receive Pitch Deck, Valuation & Projections


Please fill up the commitment form here: DigVets Commitment Form

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