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DigVetS is a start-up for Animals, Animal lovers & Dairy farmers which is helping dairy farmers by providing a wide range of services. DigVetS is incubated by Indian Veterinary Research Institute (IVRI) under Navodaya-2020 scheme. DigVetS is managed & run by a team of highly qualified Agri-Business professionals & veterinarians.

Vision of DigVetS – “A complete digital platform for animals where every need is fulfilled”

Mission of DigVetS – “We provide a complete solution to animal lovers which make comfortable life to an animal”

Objective of DigVetS – “Develop an eco-system for the dairy industry for ease of life for animals as well as animal owners”

This is an idea startup having exciting valuation that can offer a very high upside.

Please watch the Demo Day Recording of DigVets

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