Ask Me Anything Session for Angel Investors: 1 to 4. Please watch the complete playlist. Scroll down for reading the text answers.

1. Is there any joining fee for SL Angels, Angel Network.

No, there is no joining fee for joining SL Angels as an Angel Investor. The membership of SL Angels is completely free for the Angel Investors.

2. What is the minimum investment in a startup referred by SL Angels?

The minimum investment for SL Angels incubated startup starts from Indian Rupees 50,000 only. It differs with the stage of the startup.

3. Is there any Government Registration or License required for Angel Investors in India?

There is no such requirement as of now, to invest through SL Angels. You should fulfill the Angel Investors’s Eligibility criteria to invest through SL Angels, the angel network of StartupLanes.

4. What do Angel Investors get against their Investment in a Startup?

Angel Investors get securities in the startup company, it can be equity through shares or debt through debentures. The most common method is through Compulsorily Convertible Preference Shares (CCPS).

5. What is the degree of risk involved in Angel Investment?

Angel Investment carry a high degree of risk, you may get 10x to 100x return or your entire investment may be lost, high risk converts to high return. You are advised to invest only the amount that you can afford to lose.

6. Is there any contract for the Angel Investors?

Yes, the membership is free, however the Angel Investors must agree to the Standard Terms & Conditions of the Angel Investors Agreement published at our website, before joining the WhatsApp Group or any communication with StartupLanes. In case you join the WhatsApp Group or the Demo Day meeting, it will be considered that you agree to the standard terms and conditions mentioned in the Angel Investors Agreement.