Apply to raise funds through SL Angels & NRI Angels, the Angel Networks of StartupLanes by following the steps below:

1. Agreement

Please read the cloud agreement before you apply for Funding through StartupLanes. By applying you agree to the terms and conditions of the agreement.

2. Eligibility & Details of Angel Funding

Please check the eligibility criteria, watch the explanation video by our CEO and then understand the details. Check whether your startup is eligible and find out which stage it will be eligible for.

3. Process of Angel Funding

Kindly understand the step-by-step process of raising funds through StartupLanes.

4. Pitch to SL IB Team OR Pitch to SL CEO

You can pitch to the Investment Banking team of StartupLanes to get shortlisted for the further process. Our team will also provide you feedback. You may also talk to Mr. Shishir Gupta and pitch to him directly by booking a call with him. We have applied a fee of ₹500 for pitching to IB team and a fee of ₹1500 for pitching to the CEO, in order to ensure that only the serious callers reach us.

5. Join WhatsApp Group for Entrepreneurs

You may the WhatsApp Group for Entrepreneurs in order to stay connected with SL team and other members.

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