Gravid: Angel Investment Opportunity

Gravid is committed to make the pregnancy and parenting journey as smooth, happy, and entertaining as possible for every common yet extraordinary woman. Gravid intends to create an ecosystem for pregnancy and child care.

As the startup is in idea stage, it is a good opportunity for huge upside with minimum downside.

Please watch the Promo Video of Gravid

Demo Day Recording of Gravid


  1. (1) Please fill up the commitment form: Gravid Commitment Form
  2. (2) Founder will call you to discuss further.
  3. (3) Founder will send you the Pitch Deck, Valuation, Projection & other documents.
  4. (4) Commit your amount of investment.
  5. (5) Send your Adhaar Card & PAN Card to the Founder through email.
  6. (6) Founder will send you the Term Sheet.
  7. (7) Sign the Term Sheet
  8. (8) Founder will sign the Term Sheet
  9. (9) Ask for Due-Diligence Report from the Founders: Legal, Financial & Business
  10. (10) Transfer Funds
  11. (11) Share Holder’s Agreement
  12. (12) Allotment of Shares

You can setup a zoom meeting with the Founders at least once or twice a month for updates.