Incubation and Acceleration by StartupLanes

Do you have a business idea that can solve the problem of masses? Yes, I am sure you have! Because most of us have such ideas. But, we hold back because of inadequate funding for the idea. Business needs resources like company, tax registration, office, staff, app, website, software tools, digital marketing and much more. All this needs money, and here the problem is that most of us are unable to raise that initial amount of funding.

Founder Pitching Idea to Raise Funds from an Angel Investor

You have to bootstrap your startup till your product is ready, thereafter you can opt for Incubation or Acceleration by StartupLanes depending upon the stage of your startup.

What is the eligibility for the Founders?

The potential founder should fulfil the following requirements:

  • Minimum age of 18 years
  • Fluent in Spoken English
  • Resident of India
  • Valid ID Proof & Address Proof
  • No Pending Cases in Courts/Police Records
  • Should be able to work full-time

What is required from the Founders?

  • Your product/service should be ready and can be demonstrated
  • A team of 3+ Members having at least 2 Co-Founders / Directors
  • You must have already invested at least INR 1 lakh in the same startup.
  • Laptop/Desktop with Hi-Speed Internet
  • Full-time availability for your startup
  • Passion and dedication to work

Which type of Startups can be funded?

We are sector agnostic, therefore any type of startup can be funded through StartupLanes.

What are the benefits included for Incubation & Acceleration?

  • Mentorship, guidance & advisory by StartupLanes
  • Vendor sourcing and support in vendor selection
  • Building the Go-to-market model
  • Access to the investors of StartupLanes
  • Marketing & Branding support through social media of StartupLanes

Incubation Specific Details:

  • An equity of 10% will be taken by StartupLanes for the Incubation.
  • A new Private Limited Company has to be incorporated in case the company does not already exist.
  • Pitch Deck, Valuation & Financial projections will be made by SL team at 50% discounted fee.
  • Demo Day of shall be organized by StartupLanes for pitching the investors.
  • The product/service should be ready and should be demonstrated.

Acceleration Specific Details:

  • An equity of 5% will be taken by StartupLanes for the Incubation.
  • A new Private Limited Company has to be incorporated in case the company does not already exist.
  • Pitch Deck, Valuation & Financial projections will be made by SL team.
  • Demo Day of shall be organized by StartupLanes for pitching the investors.
  • The revenue of your startup should be above 10 lakhs per month.

Why should I give equity to StartupLanes for Incubation or Acceleration:

We provide you the platform to launch your startup. We do the due-diligence and background check to find out the best startups for our investors. We have built a large network in 56 Cities across 15 Countries, our experience and knowledge come along with the network for your startup. We vouch for your startup, help you build and grow rapidly, this gives the confidence to our investors that if StartupLanes has incubated a startup, then it will grow fast, scale up and shall raise funds multiple times.

Your startup gets a good valuation by getting incubated by StartupLanes. It will rise and shine under the advisory, support and guidance of StartupLanes. Following are the specific reasons/benefits for allotting equity to StartupLanes Incubator / Accelerator:

  • 1. Launching: StatupLanes provides the startup a platform to launch. Just like the talent show at Television where people get an opportunity to show their talent and then they become famous, we launch a Startup on our platform and we bring them in spotlight.
  • 2. Investors: It is a massive cost that StartupLanes incur to onboard investors. We have to cover up a small percentage of our expenses. It is commercially less viable to bring in incubation and acceleration stage startups as they can raise funds lesser than the growth angel stage in which our success fee covers up loss and provides us profit margin as well, however in case of incubation and acceleration we have to cover this through equity as the incubation and acceleration stage startups won’t have much valuation because of their less revenue in comparison to the growth angel stage.
  • 3. Valuation: By getting incubated and accelerated, startups get higher valuation because StartupLanes is there as an incubator/accelerator. A startup valued at 3 crores got valued at 10 crores after getting incubated by StartupLanes. By sharing 10% of 3 crores company (30 lakhs), they gained 6 crores (90% of 10 crores is 9 crores, less 3 crores existing value).
  • 4. Mentorship: Incubation and Acceleration makes the startup eligible to receive mentorship and advisory from our Founder & CEO, Shishir Gupta and our expert panel.
  • 5. Network: Incubated and Accelerated startups of StartupLanes get access to our wide network of startups and investors in 56 cities, across 15 Countries.
  • 6. Platform: StartupLanes provides the platfom to the incubated and accelerated startups to launch. This is a big value add for every startup that gets incubated/accelerated by StartupLanes.
  • 7. Risk: There is a huge risk in accepting startups at a very early stage as our reputation is on stake. This requires us to have a piece of the company’s ownership to cover some part of that risk.
  • 8. Growth Fund: StartupLanes wish to setup a growth fund for supporting the failing startups in our incubation and acceleration by infusing good amount of funds. This growth fund will be setup through the money receiving by selling the equity holdings of StartupLanes earned through incubation and acceleration.
  • 9. Scaling-up: StartupLanes helps the incubated startups in scaling up by connecting them with the ecosystem members, specially the founders of startups that has raised funds through StartupLanes. The motto is: Founders help Founders.
  • 10. Commercial: The incubation and acceleration model across the Globe works the same way. Every successful incubator and accelerator will take euity from the incubated and accelerated startups.

How to apply for Incubation or Acceleration Funding by StartupLanes?

Please follow the steps mentioned here: Funding Application