Angel Investment Opportunity in World Trail

World Trail is reinventing the idea of fast food and assimilating the exotic dishes from around the globe. It is a passionate project committed to raise the bar of fast food industry. Fueled by a passion for food, love of global cuisine and great taste, they are a homegrown fast food destination.

World Trail has been conceptualized to serve up the complete dining experience to those who love to explore new tastes and introduce their palates to global taste.

Please watch the Promo Video of World Trail

Who can Join?

  • -> Any person willing to invest minimum Indian Rupees 1,00,000 (one lakh) or more.
  • -> Minimum income of Indian Rupees 12,00,000 (twelve lakhs) per annum and above as per last three Income Tax returns. For individuals earning income in other currencies may convert to Indian Rupees and check.
  • -> Any representative of a Company or Fund willing to invest minimum Indian Rupees 5,00,000 (five lakhs) or above in each startup.


  • -> Please provide your complete details in the registration form of Zoom Meeting.
  • -> Please use the “Hand Raise” feature of Zoom for asking a question. The host will call your name to invite you for asking your question.
  • -> Kindly switch on your camera while you ask questions.
  • -> Please be polite and ask relevant question only.
  • -> Quickly introduce yourself before asking a question.
  • -> Always thank the Founder(s) after they answer your question.


Register for the Zoom Meeting here: World Trail Exclusive Demo Day by SL

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