WhatsApp is the most popular messenger, you can chat with your friends, you can share the pictures, video, the voice messages, and you can send free messages to any part of the world without any charges. StartupLanes provides you an exciting opportunity to join the the WhatsApp Communities to stay connected with the Entrepreneurs, Angel Investors, Service Providers, Mentors, Startup Ecosystem Enablers like Co-Working Offices, Incubators, Accelerators and Government Representatives. Join the StartupLanes WhatsApp Community of 20,000+ Members in multiple groups.

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What are the benefits of joining StartupLanes WhatsApp Group?

The StartupLanes WhatsApp Groups are highly active groups having the following benefits:

  1. Investors: You can find Angel Investors in the WhatsApp Group of StartupLanes.
  2. Co-Founders: You can find potential co-founders for your Startup.
  3. Ideas: You can find new startup ideas in SL WhatsApp groups.
  4. News: You can get the latest news about startups, funding and business in SL WhatsApp groups.
  5. Events: You will get the latest startup event invites in the SL WhatsApp groups.
  6. Collaboration: You can collaborate with other Founders and Investors in the SL WhatsApp groups.
  7. Investment Opportunities: Investors can find the investment opportunities in the SL WhatsApp groups.
  8. Side-Business Opportunities: You can find the part-time and side-business opportunities in SL WhatsApp groups.
  9. Employees: The employers can find the potential employees in the SL WhatsApp groups.
  10. Job Opportunities: Jobseekers can get the job opportunities in the SL WhatsApp groups.

Who can join the SL WhatsApp Group?

  1. Job Seekers
  2. Entrepreneurs
  3. Potential Entrepreneurs
  4. Angel Investors
  5. Venture Capital Staff
  6. Startup Ecosystem Enablers
  7. Corporate Employees
  8. Startup Staff
  9. Potential Angel Investors
  10. Professionals: Lawyers, CA, CS etc.

What are the rules of joining an SL WhatsApp Group?

  1. One Person One Group: You can join only one group. In case you have joined two SL WhatsApp groups by mistake then please leave the other one immediately. Our team is strictly instructed to permanently ban the person who has joined more than one WhatsApp group of SL. This rule doesn’t apply to SL Staff, Franchisees and Partners as they have to moderate the groups.
  2. Be Polite: You should be polite to other members.
  3. No Politics, No Religion: Discussions related to Politics and Religion are not allowed in SL WhatsApp groups.
  4. Business & Professional: Only business and professional discussions are allowed in the SL WhatsApp groups.
  5. No Self Promotion and Ads: Self promotions and ads aren’t allowed in the SL WhatsApp groups.
  6. Legal: Only legal discussions are allowed. Any discussion against the law of India or where the person is situated is not allowed in SL WhatsApp groups.
  7. No Hatred, No Profanity: Hatred and Profanity is strictly not allowed in SL WhatsApp groups.
  8. Be Active: All the members should stay active in the SL WhatsApp group. Inactive members shall be removed from the group.
  9. Respectful: Please be respectful to the members, SL team, and the brand StartupLanes.
  10. Appreciate: Please appreciate the good messages of the members.

How to join SL WhatsApp Group?

You can join the StartupLanes WhatsApp group by clicking the joining link. Please join here: StartupLanes India WhatsApp Group