Process of Angel Investing

1. Register Free

You can register as an Angel Investor for free by joining the WhatsApp Group of StartupLanes.

2. Join Ask Me Anything Session

We organize Ask Me Anything sessions regularly for the Angel Investors. We will send the link in our WhatsApp Group for the Angel Investors.

3. Join the Demo Day of Startup

We organize the Demo Day of the Startups in which the Entrepreneur pitch to raise funds. You can participate in the Demo Day as an Angel Investor. You may ask questions from the Entrepreneurs in the session.

4. Commitment

Fill the Commitment Form of the Startup in case you are interested to invest in the Startup.

5. Connect

Our team will contact you as per the time slot mentioned by you in the Commitment Form. You can connect with the Founder(s) for further discussion.

6. Term Sheet

The Startup shall provide you the term sheet mentioning the terms and conditions of the investment. You can negotiate the terms and then finalize the term sheet.

7. SSA & SHA

The Share Subscriber Agreement and Share Holder’s Agreement may be shared by the Startup if applicable, after you sign the term sheet.

8. Transfer Funds

Transfer the funds to the Share Subscription Bank Account of the Startup. Remember that is should be a different account from the main bank account of the Startup.

9. Share Allotment

The Startup shall issue you the shares within 60 days of receiving the funds.

10. Investor Meet

Keep a track of the Startup and join the Investor Meet organized at the end of each month by the Startup.