Mr. Jeyamurugan currently holds the esteemed positions of Chief Financial Officer and Secretary at Asian Paints Ltd, showcasing his exemplary leadership as a former Vice President of the company. An accomplished Associate Member at The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India and the Institute of Company Secretaries of India, he demonstrated his strategic prowess during the GST protocol, ensuring Asian Paints’ seamless adaptation.

A true asset to any organization, Mr. Jeyamurugan’s efficiency and versatility shine through in his multifaceted role. His journey, marked by the completion of both Chartered Accountancy and Company Secretary courses, reflects a commitment to continuous learning and a desire to transcend traditional professional boundaries.

In Mr. Jeyamurugan’s own words, “In the journey of shaping my career, I did not want to restrict myself to the Finance function. I believed pursuing CS alongside would enrich my knowledge, and for me, CS was not just about learning corporate laws but becoming a multidisciplinary professional.”

His perspective on Company Secretary ship as the custodian of governance resonates in his dual role, where he acts as the crucial bridge between management, the Board, and stakeholders. Mr. Jeyamurugan’s ability to establish a robust governance framework reflects not only in letter but also in spirit, making him a valuable leader in the corporate landscape.

“Mr. Jeyamurugan, a distinguished professional and Chief Financial Officer at Asian Paints Ltd, exemplifies extraordinary leadership. As a former Vice President, he showcased strategic acumen during critical protocols like GST, ensuring the company’s seamless adaptation. His journey, marked by dual qualifications in Chartered Accountancy and Company Secretary courses, reflects a commitment to continuous learning. Mr. Jeyamurugan’s multifaceted role is a testament to his efficiency, versatility, and dedication to transcending traditional professional boundaries. In his dual role, he serves as the crucial bridge between management, the Board, and stakeholders, establishing a robust governance framework. His impact on the corporate landscape is truly commendable.”~ said Dr. Shishir Gupta, Founder and CEO of StartupLanes.

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